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  • Tomas

    We don't believe in "reinventing the wheel". Curebit specializes in this type of incentive program and they offer a free 30 day trial.  If you can drive just a few extra sales a month to cover the costs, the $50 fee is worth every penny.

  • tasha robinson

    Great to offer our customers and potential customers rewards. It would be better if it was built in instead of me having to go over to Curebit site and paying them $50 ... yeah ill pass

  • 405media

    Just signed up... looks like you need to choose the free "community" version  

    They dont list highwire for supported carts though, nor do you use their API its confusing but just use your ID.. thus if just put "yourid"  at the bottom of

    So will test it out now, hopefully works well

  • Tim

    We added a tutorial on setting up your Site ID:

  • Jerry Osborne

    Well once again I just got my store up and looking good then they raise the rates. I just recently paid $50.00 for a great looking template. But I will be closing my store right before the next billing and will still have my ebay store selling the same on hand products. I usually have around 50 items for sale so this rate increase is not any help to me. Posted this here because Highwire is so controlling and would not allow comments on the other post notifying the rate increase.

  • Tim

    jmart - if you sell over $1,500 in your billing cycle our new pricing will actually save you money.  Also, we have a starter plan for $14.95/mo for those with under 100 products and not needing all of the features.

  • theoccoffeedr

    Ya way too much... there are far too many other 3rd party plugins that do more for other carts that are like $5/month... seems would be easy to add such functions... save your development hours working on current problems... and have people vote to intergration we want to see...  Im sure 95%+ of your customers wont use this

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