System Updates (Improved Email System & Order Processing) - 2/20/2013




  • Josh Niemyjski

    Very nice. Excited to use this. Will turn the feature on soon.

  • 405media

    Will our existing templates be moved over? Or can we edit the new ones before launching them?

  • dalesmiscellany

    405media, this may answer your question.

    How do I enable the new email system?

    On March 22, 2013 all account will be automatically switched to the new system. You can enable this feature immediately from the Settings/Email Settings section of your account. It's important to note that existing email templates will are not compatible and will not be transferred. Once the new email system is enabled, you can further customize the new templates.

  • Savannah Heijtmeijer

    Will we be able to keep similar email templates? Can we test before we switch?

    It's crucial that our email templates keep working correctly because our production/supply chain is automated and we now cannot see how the templates will be adjusted.

  • Tomas

    You can create custom email templates but some of the variables have changed and the Plain Text / HTML method is completely different so existing templates are not fully compatible. This is why they can not be automatically transferred.

    It is not possible to test the new system with out activating it.

  • 405media

    Any work on the customization of the mobile notices? They look terrible and tell us nothing... They should simply tell us store name(id not working and shows the stores title - waste of space, just need name),  order number, a name , and sku's they ordered at least

    Right now I get something like:

    ([$storeid] New Order Notification: #1234)

    Store title here

    Name (email broke)


    Seems its limiting chr's  thus why it should be cleaned up and optimized something like:

    Fr: your phone number

    405Media New Order Notification #1234

    Joe User

    1 x Blue Widget

    2 x Green Widget


    Simple and clean like that, much more info

  • Quality Resale

    Hi Tomas,

    Could you provide us with a list of the new variables so we can write some new custom templates which are compatible with the new system? We have numerous custom e-mail templates such as credit card refund notice, e-check payment confirmation which informs them that the item will not be shipped until the check clears, holiday shipping delay notices, replacement order shipping notification with new tracking for replacement item and return order response e-mail. Will the new system delete my custom templates or will we have to save them before updating to the new system? A list of the new variables would be helpful. Thanks and best regards.


  • Savannah Heijtmeijer

    We would also very much like a list of new variables so we can test and create our new email (order) templates before turning it on and therefore stopping our order cyclus.

  • Tomas

    Here's a list of available email variables and their descriptions:

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