eBay Messages are now in Highwire! Read, Reply, Manage!




  • Dan Browder

    Thank you!  This feature might bring highwire into my daily use.  I see that the messages are also threaded, which is awesome!

    I just noticed the feature today, and understand it's in beta - but i have had problems replying to messages, it always seems to fail.  Also, the speed could be a bit improved.  eBay's messages system is horribly slow and I would love something that is faster, but highwire's messages seem pretty slow at the moment.

    Hopefully these are beta bugs and will be worked out in the future.  Keep up the good work!

  • Greg S.

    hi Dan, can you tell me what problems you had with replying? What errors did you get etc ?

  • Dan Browder
    Greg, the error is a red box that shows up saying "An unknown error occurred. Please try again."
  • James Michaud

    Same error all the time while trying to reply to messages - "An unknown error occured. Please try again"

  • Greg S.

    Hi James, try now -- this issue should be resolved. 

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