New Feature - Color swatches, option lists, and box selects for variant options!




  • Becky Bayless

    I do love this. Thank you!

  • Karen Sherrouse

    Tomas, that is a nice feature!  Is that only for the Benchmark template??

  • Tomas

    No, this will work with any template, however it may require some slight CSS tweaks for custom templates

  • Jennifer Asencio

    All the improvements are truly appreciated, thank you!

  • Josh Niemyjski


  • mydiscountbridal

    CAN I SAVE A SWATCH FOR LATER USE? So that I don't have to link 55 images on 400+ bridesmaids that come in the same 55 colors. 

  • mydiscountbridal

    I played around with it a bit. It's a cool feature.   It looks like if I "copy" a product listing I can then just change the style #, description & product photo..    It would be cool If I could save a swatch or even a "variant set" that could be edited to "update" across all products with the selected variant set.   Reason being: in my case every 3 months the manufacturers change color options but keep products and carry them over.  I then must go in and manually pull the disc. colors and add the new ones to each listing individually. x2500 bridesmaids IS NOT FUN!  something to play around w/ as a future update tomas.

  • 405media

    I tried on one of your templates... seems only the color one works, yet the swatches I couldnt get to work.. I already had a product made where i added values for the swatches, uploaded the custom swatches named the same thing and nothing shows. All the others variant types show as dropdowns.  Also old items that were in your store prior to the new admin theirs does not look the same when editing- while it appears you can still add the options looks nothing like your examples. Love to see file upload added for a variant choice added for stores that have custom made options where requires files from the customer... Ive seen several people asking for it in the suggestions. 

  • 405media

    Testing more.. seems very buggy  variant types dont hold, I choose one type and save and it changes... if I delete one, it changes the other variant types...

    Im trying to also not use color names for the color option - to use words and swatches as the options... it dont seem to be working, havent got anything except colors to work yet.

  • 405media

    See attachments of before/after saving variants

  • Matthew Cummings

    I tried to change one of my products from drop down menu to swatch and every time I save it reverts back to drop down menu. I created custom color swatches and made sure that all of the colors matched the variants - not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • Jenifer Germer

    I also cant get them to save.  I change from drop-down to box option for Size and it won't save.  Reverts back to drop down.  It also wont show me a place to set up option values such as a size.  There is nothing to the right on my options that shows option values or how I can make them.  ,

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