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  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Tim, this is a very attractive and enticing template.  I have a template I paid for and then modified greatly.  Is there any way I could try this template in "test" mode to see if will meet my needs (I think it will, but need to be sure) before I replace the template I currently have.

  • Tomas

    You can set up a partner account at:


    This will allow you to set up as many free developer accounts as needed where you can install any themes and test as needed.

  • reinmoto

    Good job!

    Theme is real nice!

  • Wendy Johnson

    Hi Tomas


    I love the new theme and just like csbsewsdollclothes would like to try it out as well. As per your advice I have registered as a partner, however not sure where to go from there - is there any documentation on how to test existing store with new theme?



  • csbsewsdollclothes


    Thanks for the reply.  I have a partner account currently, but I think I need to set up a new one.  Is this correct.   Secondly, when I have an eligible partner account, how do I install a theme?

    I'm sure the answers are simple, but can't quite figure it out.



  • tasha robinson

    Hey I was wondering can we update the drop down menu to a double drop down. Its more appealing to the eye. I would love for highwire to develop this instead of me having to hire someone to do it. Thanks

  • csbsewsdollclothes


    Nevermind.  Ignore the above posting (still wish we could delete our own postings). Confused between Partner and Developer accounts.   All sorted out now.

  • Tomas


    When logged in under your partner account, go under "Manage Themes > Manage Developer Accounts". Here you can create a free developer account. This is a fully functional store excluding the checkout. 

    imperfectconcepts, can you please elaborate on the "double drop down"?

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Tomas, how do I edit or better yet, get the new theme into the Developer Account to try it out.   I see the fully functional store, but have no idea how to put the theme in it.  Again, I am probably missing something simple.

  • Tomas

    In your partner account, when viewing your developer accounts there's an option to login as that store. When logged in, you can browse the theme store and install it like you would your actual store.

  • sweetsweatbands

    If I switch to this Benchmark theme.....what happens? Will everything switch over smoothly or will I have to enter all my product over again?

  • Tomas

    Switching templates only overwrites the template settings. Products, categories and other settings are not affected.

  • Anita Nelson

    Looks beautiful~! Is it still as mobile-friendly as the template I'm using now? That's the best part of HighWire~! 

  • Tomas

    Yes, all templates still offer the existing mobile version :)

  • Ester Hacken

    Congratulations Tomas, that is a very attractive template.... but I am not a very technical person. How would one get the big slides on the front page? What is the size one should use and how would one go about uploading different content there as needed?

  • Tomas

    For this theme, we recommend that your slide images be at least 1000px wide x 360px height.

    You can easily change your carousel settings using the built in editor.


  • Tim

    The built-in editor does not allow you to move the categories from the top to the left.  If you use 3rd level categories the 2nd level categories in the drop downs will display in 2 columns.  See below:



  • Holly Daniels

    Thank you so much for this template!

    Crazy easy to navigate and change the look without having to know code (or destroying it!)

    I LOVE this!  Made my store look so much more professional & I got to add some little personal tweaks!

    Thanks so much!  This is just perfect!

  • Jenifer Germer

    I am in love with this theme.  Thanks Tomas!

  • Tomas

    Here's a couple great resource for backgrounds.




    You can download any of these and set the repeating pattern and find one that fits your design.

  • Muge Demir

    I agree with mperfectconcepts about the menu. 

  • deneos

    How can i move the logo to the center. the divclass= logo pull-left, i used pull-center but it didn't work. please advise on this. thank you

  • Tomas

    deneos, you'd have to modify the snippet and theme.css file a bit.

    Remove the "pull-left" class from the logo div. 

    Edit theme.css .logo class located on line 144 and add the following properties:



  • Ester Hacken

    Ouch, I accidentally unsubscribed from these messages. Now I can't resubscribe?

  • Ester Hacken

    Sorry for the duplicate message.

  • Tomas

    At the top of this article there's a link to subscribe/unsubscribe.

  • stephanie lourelle

    Hi Tomas, I also love this theme...wish it was available before I purchased one.......I have a question, I got use to the old version of the theme editor's layout, this theme editor is a bit different as in the controling the main.css. I'm re learning where things are because I want more control,  Is there a way to take out the space above the carousel and below the nav bar? I tried to locate controls in the header but don't seem to find it anywhere....  

      Also, I would like to add sub banners under the carousel...I have figured out how to input an image, but there isn't a way to link that image to a catagory page for example to run a special for the week I would have an image showing what is on sale, and my customer can click on it and it would take them to a sale page of those items....Can you do something like this as an add on option.. I would like it as an option to be able to place anywhere on the page to help make it my own. It would be easy if somehow the custom pages would act as a link but also show up as an image on the Home page? 

    Keep up the great work....:O)

  • deneos
    .logo, .logo h1 { padding: 0px; margin: 0px; line-height: 80px; width: 100% text-align:center; didn't work
  • deneos

    Thanks Tim...it worked, however,  i will like to put the cart basket to the extreme left of the logo. there is too space between the logo and the menu when its centered

  • Johnnie Walker

    I'd like to be able to add a sidebar to this theme, I've been playing around with it and got it pretty much there, but I'm having issues which I think are due to the added files to make this theme WYSIWYG.

    Can anyone advise? my demo is here.


    Alternatively, if you guys at HW could make the option of a sidebar for categories an option that can be toggled then that would be great. : )

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