Bulk importer for eBay and inkFrog listings released in Beta




  • Alex Romanoff

    Is there a forum for beta test feedback? There needs to be a way to pick smaller subsets of the library (folders is not ideal, but would work). I'm assuming if I go ahead and run an import now, all 736 of my library items will be set up in Highwire? So I can't test until that's fixed - there are a significant # of items I don't want to import at all and many others that are already set up in Highwire. What's the exclusion criteria for ignore existing products?

    I'm also wondering how the critical translation to my Highwire categories takes place. Keep in mind, the way I use the categories, they initially appear under the stamp country, "Japan", then under the sub-category "Newly listed", and if it's a specialty stamp such as Sports or National park, then under that sub-category as well. I could probably use the bulk editor for that so we'll see.

  • Becky Bayless

    I would also like a better explanation of how this works. I have about 80 records I would like to import right away from either eBay or InkFrog into Highwire.

    Highwire - I tried importing InkFrog library records into HIghwire. I have over 2100 library records. I assumed I could delete the ones I didn't want, if necessary. ( I wasn't ready to risk using eBay listings.)  I received the error message "No items were found to import from this account." I tried it with the HTML template box checked on and off. No difference.

    InkFrog - So, I tried exporting records from InkFrog to Highwire. Since the legacy system no longer exports, I used the latest version of InkFrog.  I received "error code: 40405033/container" when trying to apply a category to the records I wanted to export. So, I entered a category number, applied it to all records, and did the export. I received a csv file with zero records.

  • Tim

    Tokyo - the inkFrog import will bring in all of the items in your library folders if you choose library.  We currently do not plan on adding the ability to import specific folders.  The importer also does not map to your existing store categories.  It maps items based on the highest level eBay category and creates that category in your account.


    Shakespearesattic - the importer will import all listings from eBay or inkFrog and create them as inactive products in Highwire.  This includes title, description, price, images, etc.  Please try the inkFrog importer again using your inkFrog login credentials.  The Export to Highwire feature in inkFrog is no longer supported as Highwire now has the importer.

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