New Feature: Automatic tax calculations for US based stores




  • Alex Romanoff

    Not sure how this works in Highwire. I selected calculated and set up my zip code as instructed. Does this mean that any sale in California will be charged the local tax rate in my county/city? Or does this activate CA in general for each individual buyer and charge them the tax rate appropriate to their zip code? In other words, I don't have to set up a zip code "presence" for every potential CA zip code that someone might buy from? In CA. the sales tax is to be charged on where the item is delivered, not where it's sold. In order to properly comply with the law then, Highwire would have to calculate each buyers sales tax based on the delivery zip code. If this isn't automatically set-up, then the function isn't of any practical value. 

  • The Nature Company

    Sales Tax for WI 54166 is 5.5% not 5%

  • Tomas

    Alex, You do not have to add every ZIP code for California. Only the ones you have a physical presence. If your presence is in California, any buyers from California will automatically be taxed based on your presence.

    Our records indicate that WI 54166 is a 5% sales tax and a .5% county tax. This equals the 5.5%.

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