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  • austiners

    Will release of this update have any consequences for those products already listed on eBay via Highwire? 


  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Will there be an option for the listing in HW be deactivated if we get a bid on Ebay? (one-of-a-kind seller)

  • Tim

    Susan - All existing listings will not be affected by the update.  All existing profiles will be retained.

    CSBsews - This feature already exists in the synchronization rules.  It is located in the Profile & Settings section of Sell on eBay.

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Thanks, Tim.   I did not know that you had added that.   Also, I am trying to list items now, and while they are scheduled for "now", so far they have not become "Active".  Is this due to the upgrade or is there just a delay in processing.

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    The listings are active now.

  • Tim

    CSBsews - Glad to hear they listed.  They were probably delayed in processing.  The update will be occurring early Tue morning and some features may be unavailable for a very short time.

  • Tim Gian

    Hi Tim, the eBay lister in HW doesn't seem to work properly. I am trying to set up my product with variations (multi-SKUs) but never can locate the Multi SKU option.

    Also, each time I try to enter to the eBay Generation listing, the store CATs and some other information will be reset. So I have to enter again...again

    Please advise!

  • Tim

    k-stores - before you can choose a multi variation listing, you must select an eBay category that allows this type of listing.  Can you provide details of the issues to support (at) highwire (dot) com so our support team can assist you promptly (product title, 'other information', etc)?

  • Tim Gian

    Hi Tim, here is the link:

    I did choose eBay CAT for shoes and my product had variations but Multi-SKU variation is not shown (I only see Auction & Fix Price). Thanks!

  • Tomas


    You must create a product that has inventory tracking and options enabled. This product has multiple variants, but it does not have any product options. You'll need to create a new product using these settings. Example:


  • Tim Gian

    Hi Tom, do you mean I have to recreate a product in order to use the feature ? what if my existing products with variations (sizes) ?

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