Highwire updates coming soon




  • licia-trades

    I am seriously considering switching our webstore here. I am wondering if uploading products from ebay to highwire is also a part of this ebay update? And since ebay is quickly making it apparent to accept returns, will you have some type of store credit system set up so that we can accept the return and give them store credit to our highwire website?

    Thank you,

  • Tim

    Hi Maria,

    An importer is not scheduled to be included in this upcoming release.  We have an importer being worked on and it is due to be released 1-2 weeks later.

    You can create gift certificates in Highwire and send them to your customer.  This could be used to give your customer credit to be used in your web store.

  • Andrea Greenburg

    Nice new update... can you go over the changes you made besides the new look?

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