New feature release - Scrolling Gallery - aka "eBay Showcase"




  • Jimmy Hughes

    This is awesome and I have added to all my listings. I plan to utilise a hefty call to action to really promote it.

    Is it possible we can make the 'other listings' be more targeted / relevant to the category of the listing I'm viewing? For example, if I'm viewing a listing for some nail polish, would it be possible to filter the 'other listings' so the customer sees other items relating to the nail polish?

    I think that would really help our conversion.

    Great work guys!

  • Greg S.

    Glad you like it Jimmy :-) -- I will add your suggestions to our internal suggestion "box" regarding making the showcase a little bit smarter (I agree it would be great to be able to manage which products and categories would show for each listing).

  • Allen Kim

    Doesn't work at all.

    Mine comes out completely blank.


  • Greg S.

    Showcase will be back online tonight.. it's currently down for maintenance.

  • Brian Reaume

    I have this enabled but it does not show on any of my eBay listings. Is it still down for maintenance?

  • Greg S.

    hi Brian, you are probably in queue since you just enabled .. hold tight and i'll find out.

  • Brian Reaume

    Any more information on this yet?


  • Greg S.

    hi Brian, looks like there are about 13k listings ahead of yours that are getting the showcase added.  It's a bit behind!  Working on speeding this up. The showcase will show up shortly for you.

  • Doug Keating

    Greg, are we able to edit the showcase in any way? My client has a request to add something to the text in the showcase and I'm wondering if this is possible?

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