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  • Alex Romanoff

    A suggestion would be to allow a registered user to log-in to their account on this page to pull up their existing data. There really isn't any help to guide anyone to do that, at least on my store template, other than the nondescript "manage my account". Most people, myself included, would search for a login page or link. Check out screen looks great, though.

  • Tomas

    Great suggestion. Users can login from your store, but we'll be adding it shortly to the checkout page if they are not already logged in. We're just in the process of designing that page.

  • fancygaphomedecor

    Great new feature.   Thanks Tomas!   I feel this will cut down on card abandonment.   

  • fancygaphomedecor

    Woops meant to say cart  :)

  • austiners

    Is there a place for the customer to enter a coupon code? I'm not seeing it on the example.

    This will be a great help!   Susan

  • Tomas

    "Is there a place for the customer to enter a coupon code?"

    You bet! It just wasn't on that screenshot because that demo didn't have coupons enabled. Here's what it looks like:


  • Andrea Greenburg

    "* The new one-page checkout does not currently support custom CSS designs. We will be adding this in the near future."  This mean only if you customized the cart css? or any css?  

  • Tomas

    The checkout page can not be customized at this time. (It will be available shortly).

    It does not affect your designs for your store templates.

  • 405media

    Seems at times it shows the total without shipping... I had to refresh, deselect 'Billing and Shipping address are the same' then reselect, then choose shipping amt...

  • 405media

    As far as the custom payment option goes... any way to use this for another offline processor? Such as Square, Intuit, of Sailpay? These offer better rates than paypal, and would like to use one of these for processing orders.  How can this be accomplished, seems this feature is only good for Invoice or something similar if I can guess

  • Tomas

    Steve, this should fixed now.

    This was only occuring with FedEx rates. Their API requires a valid ZIP code that matches the state.

    You'll notice that if you enter the ZIP code, it will pre-fill the state, country and appropriate City name. The rates were getting calculated before the state value was being set. This is why we chose to put the ZIP/Postal code before City/Country/State. It will save the considerable time not selecting these three options if they enter a valid ZIP code.

  • 405media

    Also could Paypal also show the credit card logos, as many people dont know that paypal accepts all credit cards without having a paypal account... if they dont see a credit card logo, they won't order.

  • 405media

    Or at least for those who use multiple processors, add option for which logos you want paypal to show... but this is a must.. 95% of the people I talk to STILL do not know they can use their normal credit card to use thru paypal,... I dont want to lose any sales for people thinking I dont accept credit cards. So either fix that, or allow real offline processing option. I have Intuit, square, and soon sailpay  So at least fr me I need one of those to work ... but at least the single page checkout is a great step 

  • Diana Farquhar

    I love it - one less step for customers!  Thanks :-) 

  • Cindy Chan

    I agree with 405media on this one.

    Need to have a few credit card logos there, paypal promotes this so we should also.

  • Tomas

    If your concern is that customers won't pay using PayPal because they don't know they can use credit cards, why not accept credit cards directly from your checkout? You can use your existing PayPal account with PayPal Pro or use one of the many other gateways we support.

  • Scott Griffith

    Hi Tomas,

    To accept credit cards directly on our checkout we do not have to get Paypal Pro for $30/ mo. we can get Paypal Advanced for $5/mo. for this to work right?  I think this Paypal Advanced is new, I don't remember seeing it before.

  • csbsewsdollclothes


    I have applied to Paypal for Paypal Advanced to accept credit cards.  Are you planning to incorporate it into checkout (payment settings?).  If not, how do we activate this on our site.

    Also, I have a custom template.   When I switched to the "one page" checkout, my Google Payments didn't work.   I easily solved that by eliminating Google payments as an option on my site, because (1) I really like the new one-page checkout, and (2) Now that I may have Paypal Advanced for $5.00 a month, I don't need the Google option.


  • csbsewsdollclothes

    I see that the Highwire Cart is NOT listed as a Payment Partner.  I will ask Support about your plans to integrate.   This is really a great option for very small business owners who have a great relationship with Paypal.  

  • Becky Bayless

    LOVE the one-page checkout, Tomas! Thank you.

    I would like to jump on the PayPal Advanced bandwagon. I made inquiries about it through Support a while ago. I don't have a brick and mortar. I don't go to swap meets, etc. So, I don't need to swipe cards. I have only had one request, maybe two, in 3 years to take a credit card number over the phone. So, I have no real need at this time to spend an extra $25 a month for PayPal Pro. It would be nice if Highwire worked with PayPal Advanced.

  • 405media

    Simply because at least myself, I dont want to pay the paypal pro fees... as I mentioned Id rather even use intuit, sialpay or square perhaps to process the orders, all are cheaper than paypal... paypal for now is easy, but many many people dont know that paypal is a processor and simply believe they can't order if they dont have a paypal account... please fix this asap

  • 405media

    I agree if paypal advanced is an option, then I wouldnt mind $5 / month  but please look into the other payment options as well

  • Traci Tran

    Very nice! 


    Still waiting for an "I Agree" box though :)   I've sent requests in for it, but still nothing.  ALL websites should have an "I Agree" box at checkout -  to legally enforce their terms & conditions, reduce liabilities, and for any other special requirements or conditions for a sale. PLEASE PLEASE ADD ONE!!!!  My legal team has been telling me to leave Highwire for the last year because there is no I Agree box..... I love Highwire, but for legal reasons, I may need to jump ship.  

  • Denise Southwell

    I agree its a great feature but going to wait until I can have it matched to my sites css.... : )

    I too would also very much like to see a " I agree" box , most sites have this now ...

  • Martin Cline

    I tried using PayPal Pro last year and yes it did work. The credit card logos would show up and the customer had two seperate options to select to pay with a credit card or PayPal. Even though they are all done thru PayPal, it was nicer in that customers didn't have to read the tiny print to pay without a PayPal account. The downside to PayPal Pro obviously is the $30.00 per month fee. The biggest downside for me is that payments made via PP Pro are not covered under the seller protection policy that PayPal provides. So I switched it back to PayPal Payments Standard. It was stupid for me to pay a monthly fee to get less in that I had no seller protection for PayPal payments.

    As it is right now, people can pay me via PayPal or via a regular credit card using PayPal Payments Standard even though it doesn't look as though they can. They need to read the fine print while going the checkout process but there's the problem--people simply do not read. They think I only take payment via PayPal. So they abandon the cart or try multiple times which each generates another unpaid order to where they finally give up and I lose a sale.

    Simply have the credit card logos and PayPal logos show separately. Have the option to pay using PayPal separate from using a credit card so that they can select it if they want. Even though it's all done thru PayPal no matter what option they choose, the customer doesn't need to be confused with that. If they select to pay via a credit card, do not show any linkage or make any reference to PayPal as this only mucks things up.

  • Tim

    We just added an "I agree to the Terms Of Service  and Return Policy" feature to the one page checkout form.  You can find it at the bottom of the Settings>Payment Settings page.  Once enabled, this will add a check box that is required to be checked before a customer can checkout.  The links to Terms of Service and Return Policy will open in a pop up so the customer does not leave the checkout process to view them.


  • Alex Romanoff

    Great fast response, thanks!

  • Tomas

    To elaborate a bit on Tim's post: 

    This new feature is only available for the one-page checkout. We don't have plans to support additional features on the existing checkout since this will ultimately be phased out in the near future. We'll allow a transition period for users that have a custom design.

    If you wish to enable this feature, it's not required to specify a Return Policy, but it is required to specify a Terms of Service.

  • Cindy Chan

    Tim, ....excellent.

    thex10shop,.....exactly, thats the simplest and most effective solution to this issue, IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE EASIER TO UNDERSTAND THAN THAT. Simply add the images on the checkout page. People see the visa logo, or other major cards, they feel assured their method of payment will be accepted. No confusion and less issues. FYI we have had 4 abandoned carts in the last few days, support can check the history. More than 900usd not received, for one reason or another who knows but it would be great to at least be sure that our checkout was as informative as can be....and yes, very few read the fine print on any page...they just want to click and buy, and get it my opinion of course.

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