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  • Joe Friday


    This thread is getting off topic and I don't want to send up red flags when there are not necessary. 

    But this threat is very real because Amazon is supporting the collection of sales taxes in every state.  (not just the state you are located in). Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla and this gives the politicians a reason to support this issue and push it through.

    Maybe this won't get passed, but we have a bunch of knuckleheads in Washington that do not understand the consequences of this action.  (Just look what they did to gift certificates in 2009 which started this whole thread) 

    Keep in mind the big national retailers want this passed because they are already collecting these taxes and they want you to have to do this as well.  

    The bill was introduced with big fanfare on November 9, 2011.  Here is a link to an article about this sales tax issue:



  • 405media

    Ok back to thanking the guys at Highwire for putting this out... and Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Hope to see more updates 

  • ezgrabs

    I think you missunderstood what was happening with Amazon. They've been doing businesses WITH physical presence in states, and not collecting taxes. It's simple, you have an order from Cali, and you have a physical presence in Cali. But your Washington warehouse processes the order, so you claim you don't have to collect taxes. That act is why Amazon has been the main company associated with this. If a law gets passed, you're still only liable for your state. I don't think either side really has a real solution, but it will always remain a foreign state has no authority over you. Only your state and federal govt.

  • ezgrabs

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Joe Friday


    That is the way it is today and that is the way we have all been operating.

    What they are trying to do is make us collect sales taxes from residents of all states and then remit those taxes back to the states.  Please read the link above so you can see what is happening here.

    One of the Senators that introduced the bill on November 9, 2011 (this month) said the following:


    "If I were president of an online retailer … I would look at this week in Washington, D.C., and I'd make my plans to start collecting sales taxes wherever I sold things in the United States," said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.).



  • girlshorseclothes


    When someone orders a gift certificate, do they also get the same order confirmation email that is sent after other orders?


  • stonehillcollectibles

    Cindy.... you should be able to open the order from your Admin and view copies of all of the various communications (emails you've sent, auto emails, etc). That was a nifty new feature that Tomas added for us a while back...

  • girlshorseclothes

    NEAT!   I had never noticed that feature before!    I know Ive sent duplicate "your ordre has shipped" messages... when Im not sure if I sent it or not, I send another!  (I open a bunch in new tabs, then go through sending them, then closing them)

    ... The answer is, YES, she got the standard order confirmation email... So, I need to update the text on mine to add "(except gift certificates)" after my ..... we typically ship within 2 business days.... sentence.    No big deal, just wanted to know one way or the other.    (GOOD that it goes out, since they could email it to someone else!)

    thanks again... saw the "view history" right away, but only after you mentioned it!

  • Rani Richardson


    I'm thrilled with the gift certificate feature, but I'm wondering if there is a way that, when creating a gift certificate in admin, is there a way that the gift certificate code could be one of the things we create. This would be a big plus for anyone who uses Highwire & also has a brick & mortar store.

    Right now, if a customer purchases a gift certificate at my b&m store, my POS system generates a code & a printed gift certificate. The customer has no way to enter that code online. Anyone who works in the store can ring up a gift certificate on the POS system, but not everyone has access to the web admin (and some of my older ladies just barely know how to use the POS, I'm not going to try to teach them about the web admin!). We've worked out a way to track web purchased gift certificates, so that they could be used on line or in store. I would like to be able to tell the customer purchasing a GC in store that they could use it in store immediately or on line after 24 hours, but I need to be able to use the code my POS system produces as the web site GC code for that to work.

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