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  • girlshorseclothes

    OK... I guess that isnt really the full code... its just showing the if statement to add above the code that displays the add to cart button (and price, if you want, I would think)


  • girlshorseclothes

    If you want to take it even step further with some custom coding, you can add the entire gift certificate form on the product details page using the basis of sample code I provided above.

    Well, thats what I originally wanted to do, but putting the code on a custom page.   But you said we could not get the code that creates the form.


    (Sorry, I know I am not using the correct terms.... but we do not have the form code to paste in, correct?)

  • austiners

    I like what Cindy's done but was thinking of putting text like hers, other info, and an image of the certificate like she did -- but putting it as a category page (not a product page) and then using the link to the gift certificate system? Would that work also?

    Susan , Austiners

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Now that's a great idea, Susan....  That would eliminate the entire "add to cart" and pricing issue.

    Another question...   Would it be possible to have the link that shows up in the menu bar go to either a custom page or the category page like Susan suggested? And from there into the actual create a Gift Certificate form? So that the customer has to funnel thru whatever we create with our own verbiage?

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Well...  I've taken Susan's suggestion to heart. I created a Gift Certificate category... and here it is:

    What I've also done is make the Gift Certificates menu link go to this page first...  and from there it goes to the actual GC form.
    So I would think you could easily do the same thing and create a custom page if you didn't want to create a Gift Certificate category.
    OMG...  I love it. It's PERFECT!!!

    Thank you to Tomas and staff. This is beyond awesome!!!!!

  • Jenifer Germer

    Stonehill, could you help me?  When I activate Gift Certificates, it skews my categories to the left center of my page which pushes all my items to the bottom of the page and I don't know how to edit html in my custom template to fix it.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Jennifer.... I don't know if I can help. I didn't do anything that involves any html code (cause I don't know how to code). But I just looked at your store and I bet the problem is that you just don't have any more room on your Menu Bar for "Gift Certificates" to be added. Activating it probably pushed the menu bar into a second row which is probably what mucked everything else up. If you have a custom template you probably need a designer to help you with that menu bar. If it's a stock template then you might need to put in a support ticket.

    I do have a designer who is going to add the code for a custom image on the cart page.... Let me know if you want their name!

    The Gift Certificate form for any one of our stores is located at:

    I have a custom template, but I was able to make it work for me without having to do any mucking around with html by doing the following:

    1. I activated Gift Certificates.. If you look at my store, there was plenty of room left on the menu bar for it.

    2. I added a new category that I named "Gift Certificates". I didn't add any products, I just created a description for the category with images and a link to the Gift Certificate form itself

    3. I changed the link for Gift Certificates in the Menu Builder to point to my new Gift Certificates category.... That page has a link to the actual Gift Certificate form.

  • ezgrabs

    Does anyone know if taxes are being charged for gift certificates? I would think not, but I haven't seen anything on this, and I don't want to create one to test it out.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    I had a brief thot about taxes, too. But I'm pretty sure that to tax or not to tax would be determined by the shipping address when a Gift Certificate is redeemed.

  • Tomas

    Does anyone know if taxes are being charged for gift certificates?

    No taxes or shipping are applied for Gift Certificates. Taxes are only applied when a gift certificate is used (if applicable).

  • ezgrabs

    Thanks for the info. That's all I needed to know.

  • designmycart

    Just noticed that the gift certificate page is titled 'My Account' ... would it be possible for you to change that?

    Teri & Jeri

  • Tomas

    "Just noticed that the gift certificate page is titled 'My Account' ... would it be possible for you to change that?"

    {{ #if($template == "giftcertificates") }} 
    <title>Show Gift Certificate title</title> 
    {{ #else }} 
    <title>Show Account Title</title> 
    {{ #end }}
  • Jenifer Germer

    Thanks Stonehill.  I will check into it.

  • designmycart


    Do we have a variable for displaying the gift certificate link similar to the one for displaying the account links if enabled? I tried {{ #if ($giftcertificatesenabled) }} and that doesn't work.

  • Tomas

    $store.giftcertificatesenabled will work.

  • designmycart

    Thank you very much!

    Do you ever feel like a yo-yo being swung in 50 different directions when you release something new? :-)

  • Joe Friday

    I noticed that our coupon codes work with a gift certificate purchase.  That is not really a bad thing. 

    However I would like to know if the coupon codes will also work when the gift certificate is redeemed.  That would not be such a good thing.


  • Tomas

    Coupon codes will always work in conjunction with Gift Certificates. There shouldn't be any restrictions on gift certificates and coupon combo's since Gift Certs are basically store credit.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    SHOW and TELL!!!
    I have to show off what magic Jennifer worked for me with Gift Certificates. See here:

    This is just so awesome!!!!

  • lightningwear

    Note that before you set your gift certificates as having an expiration date, you should check your states laws concerning whether it is legal to have an expiration date on a gift certificate. For California sellers, for instance, it is illegal to have an expiration on a gift certificate (there are some exceptions, but few that would apply to an online seller. Also, be aware that in California a gift certificate valued under $10 is redeemable in cash.

    Link to CA law:

  • lightningwear

    Tomas, what Joe at amazing keys was referring to, is that if a customer was in possession of a 33%-off coupon code, and the coupon code works in conjunction with Gift Certificates at purchase AND at checkout, that would mean that a customer could potentially:

    • purchase a $100 Gift Certificate for $67.
    • Use the resulting $100 Gift Certificate with the same coupon code to purchase $150 worth of merchandise ($150 discounted 33% = $100) at checkout.
    There MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD be restrictions on gift certificate and coupon code combos, since the application of the coupon code at purchase AND at checkout would nearly double its effect.

    Offering a 33%-off discount is hardly out of the ordinary, but selling $150 worth of physical merchandise for $67 (56% off, or 44% of it's intended retail price) would put many sellers at a rather extreme loss.



  • stonehillcollectibles

    That's an excellent point about various state laws. I found this list that provides a state by state summary of Consumer Protection Laws:

    The statement at the top about the Credit Card Act of 2009 led me to do a little more reading. Gift Certificates will be valid for at least 5 years. This apparently applies to all of us, regardless of state. For your reading pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be...):

  • ezgrabs

    Gift certs have just been changed to 5 years... 

    That's a good point on the coupons. I'm not using them yet, but if you can double dip on them when getting a gift card, I may never use them. But by the time I get around to that, I'm sure it'll all be figured out. :)

  • lightningwear

    Stone Hill your certificate page looks great

    Tomas - in my opinion, this (the link above to Stone Hill's page) is what the gift certificate page should be EASILY customizable to look like -- a standard HTML block in the blank RH side of the page, where we can easily add a picture of the certificate and some verbiage. You're a talented programmer, but your visual marketing skills are lacking -- very few customers would be captivated into coughing up money by the "default"  half-blank page, and many of your users don't have the custom programming skills necessary to mod it.

    Also, when I test the "Preview", on the displayed image  I get "TO: $cert_to"  "FROM: $cert_from" and only the first 18 characters of the message. This would frighten a customer into thinking that the real certificate would print out that way.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Lightning...   I did a test purchase of a GC, filled in all the blanks, and clicked on "preview". I don't get the code that you did, I get a nice preview image. I wonder why the difference???

    Something else I'm wondering about now... specially since these things have to remain active for 5 years. Read this:
    Apparently we ARE allowed to assess reasonable dormancy fees on a GC that has been inactive or dormant for at least 12 months. Theoretically, that fee could slowly reduce the balance of an unused GC to zero at the end of 5 years. But... how can/could we "assess" or "collect" those fees off the balance on a GC?

  • ezgrabs

    @ Stone Hill - I like your GC page. However, the description says $5~$100 but next to the blank it says $1~$100.

    I personally have no desire to charge fees on GC's. The only reason I'm adding an expiration date, is because I don't want to be in businesses for 10 years and suddenly this old GC comes up, or a customer is asking about it. Otherwise I'd have them never expire, it's just more customer friendly.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Thanks for catching that ez...  It's fixed now. Apparently your GC settings don't completely save. When you go in to change the settings it reverts to the original defaults. When I went in to change the setting to 5 years I had to once again change the $1000 back to $100.... but I missed changing the $1 to $5. Thank you sooooo much for proof-reading for me!   :-)

  • girlshorseclothes

    I agree with Joe and ezgrabs.   Most any coupon code offer Ive seen states 'not valid on purchase of gift certificates".    Coupon codes then ARE VALID when purchasing with a gift certificate.    But, one should not be able to "double dip".  

    ANd.... we might be suseptible to tripple and quadrupple dipping at this point...    If its possible to buy a gift certificate by redeeming a gift certificate.self

    Myself, I do not care which way it is... but I do think one thing or the other does need to be prohibited....  Either using a coupon to PURCHASE a certificate (most typical), or using a coupon when redeeming a certificate.



  • girlshorseclothes

    Damn touchpad!   I LOVE LOVE LOVE Touchfreeze, but every once in a while it stops working and I have to purposefully launch it from my start menu.     I would have tossed this laptop out the window LONG ago without Touchfreeze and my Swiftpoint mouse.y!

    (acgtually, no, I would have sold it on eBa

    CRAP... touchfreeze still isnt working.... the y for ebay ended up after mouse.

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