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  • girlshorseclothes

    Oops, Babyface.. just looked at your site.   I see why you would want it as a featured product.  You could set it up like I did... many posts above.    I also like it on a product page so that it can be displayed as a "other items to consider". 

    Start at my post at Nov-21 2011 15:05. then follow along with what Tomas suggests to remove the price/add to cart. 

  • lightningwear

    Tomas, what Joe at amazing keys was referring to, is that if a customer was in possession of a 33%-off coupon code, and the coupon code works in conjunction with Gift Certificates at purchase AND at checkout, that would mean that a customer could potentially:

    • purchase a $100 Gift Certificate for $67.
    • Use the resulting $100 Gift Certificate with the same coupon code to purchase $150 worth of merchandise ($150 discounted 33% = $100) at checkout.
    There MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD be restrictions on gift certificate and coupon code combos, since the application of the coupon code at purchase AND at checkout would nearly double its effect.

    Offering a 33%-off discount is hardly out of the ordinary, but selling $150 worth of physical merchandise for $67 (56% off, or 44% of it's intended retail price) would put many sellers at a rather extreme loss.



  • Tomas

    I should expand that further.. :)

    Coupon discounts can not be applied to Gift Certificates that are being purchased

    Coupon discounts can be used along with Gift Certificates that are being redeemed

  • girlshorseclothes

    Shirley --- I might use them as merchandise credit sometimes... and I might want an exp date on that. 

  • designmycart

    Thanks for that example code!

    And yes, I was viewing in standard view to see how everything would display for anyone who chooses to view it that way ;-)

  • Tomas

    Does anyone know if taxes are being charged for gift certificates?

    No taxes or shipping are applied for Gift Certificates. Taxes are only applied when a gift certificate is used (if applicable).

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Lightning...   I did a test purchase of a GC, filled in all the blanks, and clicked on "preview". I don't get the code that you did, I get a nice preview image. I wonder why the difference???

    Something else I'm wondering about now... specially since these things have to remain active for 5 years. Read this:
    Apparently we ARE allowed to assess reasonable dormancy fees on a GC that has been inactive or dormant for at least 12 months. Theoretically, that fee could slowly reduce the balance of an unused GC to zero at the end of 5 years. But... how can/could we "assess" or "collect" those fees off the balance on a GC?

  • girlshorseclothes

    I guess Im just much  more of an optimist (and, perhaps not a realist)

    Seems to me companies will put out software that will take care of everything for reporting/paying the state taxes.   And, how can it take 2.5 people?  Even if it took a person an entire day to do one state return, and returns are required quarterly, that's less than 1 person.   (And, its not going to take all day to do one).  

    Or, maybe its easier to do whatever you have been doing, then manually break out the spreadsheet by state and apply the necisary formulas...  ... 100 orders a month or 10,000... its all in a spreadsheet or whatever... its just a computer doing the calculations, maybe takes somewhat longer for calculations, but, whatever.    Im sure there is a lot I do not know about it (can't imagine what it would be, but, whatever).


    Right... so Sears had their legal team figure out what wording they need to have.     I figure all you have to do is COPY that wording.   No exp date, and copy the wording.   Basically, the wording says "blah blah blah... except where required by law.    blah blah blah... except where prohibited by law"   with no specifics.       I feel like Ive also seen "according to the laws of your state".   (you deal with it if there a problem comes up, which won't, as long as you do honor the certificates and you never let them expire.)

    There would be an issue if you went bankrupt... where are the gift cert holders in line to get their $ due...   But, it is whatever it is, and you just deal with it when it happens.


    You are obviously a much larger business than most of the businesses here, and larger than Id ever expected.     Again, I realize I don't know all the ins and outs.

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