Important changes to domain hosting. Customer action may be required.




  • girlshorseclothes

    Just to be sure.... Can we make this change NOW, and it will work?    Is this new IP address ready to be used now?



  • Tomas

    Yes, you can make these changes now or anytime before July 29th.

  • dalesmiscellany

    Okay...just to make sure I understand because this stuff is all Greek to me. If I see a completely different IP address (under the A host, @ points to), can I assume that no action is required for me?

  • Tomas

    Here's a little tool to help you determine if you need to make any changes:

  • dalesmiscellany

    Thank you, Tomas! 

  • Jenifer Germer

    Thank you so much for that tool Tomas.  It says I'm all good.  I was panicking not knowing if I needed to do anything or not.

  • milonajoenterprises

    Awesome tool Thomas! Thanks

  • bicbands

    Hi Tomas! I was chatting with online support and they said I need to make the change, but according to the link, I don't. Why  the conflicting info?

  • Tomas

    bicbands, I confirmed your domain does not need any changes.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Tomas, thanks for the IP tool. I had the same question that Dale had. Your tool confirmed that both hubby and I are good without making any changes.

  • warehousedirectllc

    Tomas I did a check on mine using the page you made available. Only thing is that it says You're all good! No action is required! for one domain variation but for others it does not anyway you can check for me or let me know if I need to make any corrections thank you.

  • Bruce fisher

    The IPcheck tool is Excellent.  I will be able to sleep tonight.

    Thanks Thomas!

  • Holly Pawlowski

    GREAT tool Tomas! Thank you!

  • Tomas

    You don't have any DNS or redirects set up for I'd recommend setting that up since a lot of people (including myself) rarely type www.

  • girlshorseclothes

    You don't have any DNS or redirects set up for I'd recommend setting that up since a lot of people (including myself) rarely type www.

    Is that done within Highwire under URL Settings, Redirects?  Or does it need to be done at the domain registrar also?    

    Thank you.

  • Tomas

    dvds, you don't need to worry about the * and * domains. This is only for your custom domain.

    Cindy, instructions for setting up a root domain are at:

  • warehousedirectllc
    Thomas I have no idea how to that honestly thought I already did hmmmmm
  • warehousedirectllc

    Thomas I think I have it all fixed now the only one I'm still having issues with is I can not get this one to work on the page just keeps saying Unable to resolve DNS for ""

  • warehousedirectllc

    Sorry add to previous comment I use Namecheap and also having some trouble with this part A Record Mapping
    Edit the "@" Host name IP Addess URL to have value of with a record type of "A Record" I can not find A Record Mapping any where

  • Tomas

    Do you use ""? If you don't, then you don't need to do anything for it. 


    All done. Thanx for the heads up!


    Celebrity Inspired Fashion Jewelry! 


  • mydiscountbridal

    mine said I didn't need to make changes, in fact it said "

    You're all good! No action is required!


    yet...  When I contact support about a SLLOOOOOOW load for my site.. they said you need to change this.

    I go to go daddy and have the old: So Support was right. I needed to change to the ""

    Better to log in and find out maybe instead of using the tool. 

    its pretty easy with go daddy you

    log in..

    click on the domain name under "my domains"

    scoll down you'll see "dns manager" 

    click "launch" under the dns manger box.

    and you'll see: A            @    

    click the little edit button on the right next to the ip address, and change it to

    click the black "save zone file" button, then confirm and shortly it will update.


  • Tomas

    This is because you only checked and not As the instructions state, you need to check all variations of your domain that are in use.

  • girlshorseclothes

    Thank you for posting that, Bridal Store Lady (I cannot remember your name).


    Tomas, the instructions do not state "check all variations".    

    Enter your domain name or variations of your domain with subdomains such as "" or "" or "" to determine if your DNS needs to be updated.

      Re-reading it a couple of times, I certainly see where it could mean that, but -- especially on first read through, it seems to mean enter xxxxx or yyyyy or zzzzz   (and that would provide an answer for everything).   

    I'm not trying to pick at you, but for the sake of things running smoothly and avoiding support issues, it can be very very helpful to look back at instructions-- from the point of view of the person who will be using them, and does not have the information you have (does not know that they are all treated separately, in this case).

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