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  • airlinetimetables

    While I haven't had time check out all the areas of the admin interface, I do have a coupke of questions:

    Are the grpahs no longer part of the sales reports options?  (I get a big empty space to the left of the stats, but no graph.)

    Also, in the support area, I am not finding an easy way to return to admin. Am I missing something?

    And I don't find completed support tickets, which I sometimes refer back to.

  • Tomas

    Your sales reports should be showing. I just checked and confirmed they are working. If you don't have flash 8 player or greater installed, it will revert to HTML 5 charts. Your browser might not be compatible with HTML 5 charts, be sure you have the latest version of Flash installed.



    1. Check existing requests. You can now view your past requests too.

    2. The Return to admin link.

  • tiasmenagerie

    Tomas, I don't usually enjoy these changes one bit, but I had to take the time to say that after two days of using the new format, I LIKE IT! It is much much faster and still user-friendly. I am so far finding everything that I need. Thank you! And ALSO thank you for making a SMOOTH change this time with no down time. That is the most appreciated.  :)

    I have changed to the higher priced legacy plan and I am more than happy to pay the extra if we will continue to have the quality customer service that you have provided in the past month or two. Great job!

    One suggestion...if you are going after the higher will really really need better shipping options, at least comparable to other sites. One thing that would help immediately is the ability to pass on our online rates to our customers. Even better yet would be the ability to offer our discounted rates through UPS and FedEx. But hey, even online discounts through USPS would be a great start.

    And just to chew on...presently there is no way to offer first class mail INTERNATIONAL. That would be FANTASTIC if you could find a way to implement that into the calculator (I presently use calculated domestic so must also use calculated international).

    But really...this new format is truly a work of art. GOOD JOB!  :)

    Tia (

  • moto-science llc

    Why do customers need to enter zip codes for international flat rate shipping quotes ?

    Or for that matter domestic flat rate shipping quotes ?

    This is an unnecessary step for customers.


    Thank you....

    All the best,
    Henri Baccouche
    moto-science : the ducati mirror specialist ™

  • Tomas

    Please try to keep this on Topic. This is about the new admin, not feature requests or existing issues.

    You can manually remove that from your template it you want. You'll still need to pass a value, but you can replace the input with a hidden field.

  • moto-science llc

    What  software do we use for editing themes now ?  thanks

  • euro-motards


    You took off the copy product option from inside a product's page, so now you must exit back to the main list of products and choose copy product from there.

    This actualy makes you spend more time, it would be nice if you bring back that feature from inside a product's page.


  • Lee Richards

    Echoing euro-motards...  The copy product button on the product page is essential for quickly / efficiently adding new similar products. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it back.

  • airlinetimetables

    I used that copy button fairly often as well, and would like to see it restored.

  • Diana Farquhar

    I like the copy button as well :-) 

    I use PayPal for shipping labels - I am having difficulty doing a C/P of the address working line per line.  When I highlight, it wants to copy the entire shipping info.   I haven't worked too much lately (lol) I'm still trying to adapt.  So far I like the new dash!

  • Diana Farquhar

    Maybe I missed it - I can't figure out how to quick edit quantity! 

  • James Hutchinson

    Would it be possible to have an option to set the flat rates for both domestic and international shipping for all products so that when I am listing items I don't have to keep typing all of that in.. I use the same flat rate for all products

  • James Hutchinson

    Well.. not all but the majority of them

  • Tomas

    Can you please explain your process where you would need the copy function on the product edit page? Once you save a product, it redirects you to the product list page where you can easily select the product and copy it again if needed. You can do all the copy functions directly from the products list page. There's no need to open the product edit page and then copy it.

    truckerflicks, I would suggest saving an inactive product with your commonly used settings and just using the copy option to populate your product settings.

  • Tomas

    Maybe I missed it - I can't figure out how to quick edit quantity!

    gonefunky, look up in the description of the what's new and see the "Fast Product Edit" section.

  • Lee Richards

    Tomas, Under the last admin permutation, it was very easy to save a product and then click "Copy Product" right from the same page. It saved the steps of selecting the last item from a list, going to the top and clicking copy, and then having to open the copied listing once it was created. It's all about saving time and making it easier to list nearly identical products one right after another.

    In my situation, once I had listed a photograph it was easy to click copy from the same listing page and have an identical listing immediately to work on, ready for the two or three edits necessary to create a new listing (changing title, changing a name inside the body of the text, adding a new photo). It may not seem like a big deal to you that the new admin function kicks us back to the list after saving a product, but when you are trying to put up as many products in a day as possible, the time can really add up.

    It worked well before, please add it back.

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