Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • littleonlinestore

    Thank you! I love that we are able to move up if we need to in the future.

  • Joe Friday

    Great news and a great offer.


    Thanks Greg

  • jmart

    It doesn't sound like great news to me, my monthly cost will be $10.00 more per month than now.

  • jewelry98103

    Yes, that's not great new to me either. Guess I have to cancel my account..

  • Greg S.

    I'm sorry to hear you are canceling, the legacy pricing you are getting is pretty much the lowest pricing around for a shopping cart with the quality of Highwire. Again, if you are looking for the lowest price shopping cart you can get for the money, then we are not the cart for you. We have businesses that rely on our services and want to provide them with the highest level of product and service possible. 

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    I am very pleased with the new legacy pricing.  Still cheaper for me than having an e-bay store and paying all the fees....and I have a very small store.



  • jmart

    with an attitude like greg has you won't be in business very long at all. I will say that the going up on the monthly price for us was not what I was promised so time ago. The price was supposed to remain at $9.95 untill I listed a certain amount of items of which I have many left to list. So it bothers me that you guys change to deal right in the middle of the ball game and not live up to past promises

  • johnnygadgetz

    This is by far and wide the best pricing for all of the features as well as the quality.  This is excellent news as I am getting ready to expand quite a bit.

    Thank You!!

  • Greg S.

    Hi jmart -- I apologize if that sounded like an attitude, that is not how I meant it.  I've said for a long time that we are not going to be the cheapest cart around and I just wanted to make that clear. We have businesses that rely on our services and systems and we will be here for them and you.

    regarding pricing, we have given our legacy users an incredible value for many years and have stayed true to them - this legacy pricing is the most fair pricing on the internet for a shopping cart like Highwire. 

  • jmart

    It may be true that the $19.95 monthly price is the most fair price on the net but it is not what was promised to me when Highwire came out with this pricing. As I recalled I was told my $9.95 monthly price would be good untill I posted a certain amount to items and then the price would go to $19.95. I think the amount of items was 500,000 items. I just believe highwire should live up to that agreement.

  • airlinetimetables

    I'm having a hard time understanding why the standard plan pricing is based on sales volume, but "legacy" pricing is based on the number of items!

    I have been asking for months about the legacy pricing, and have been told that it would be a discount from the standard rates, and must admt I am disappointed to see that is not the case.

  • landersantiques

    I think with the increased pricing should come some increased services. Some to include Bing feed, better iphone app, and with inkfrog a better control of the defaults on the iimport cvs.

  • littleonlinestore

    jmart,who told you that you'd only be paying 9.95 a month for life and only pay more if you listed more than 500,000 items? I've been reading the forums since before you joined, and I've never seen that posted. Maybe you have a copy of the email or can find it in your support tickets?

    Am I missing something about the standard rates? OK, now I see. They seem to change quite often I So, I guess if one has more than 500 items, they could just sign up for the Bronze plan. Does anyone know how we find out how many MB we are using? 100 MB seems like a lot, but my CD's that fit 700MB never seem to hold much. I see the green bar, but can't find a total used unless I add everything up. ugh.

    Well, compared the the old rates where the lowest was about $25, our rates seemed good. Now, it seems like we just have a couple more unlimited checks, but will be pretty much paying what all the newbies will be paying. Suppose I'd be giddy if I sold even close to 4g a month. I wonder how many here sell that much?

    I guess I can understand then. Why wouldn't they just have us at the 4,000 in sales mark to rather than do it by item count? At least then someone making 4,000 in sales couldn't really say they can't afford the monthly fee. For that argument, I'd have to agree. It doesn't make much sense unless they plan on changing the rates they just posted again.

  • w-precision

    To change the pricing the way that you did is not a big deal, but illegal. When we signed up for this service it was supposed to be $9.95. You made an offer and we all accepted - just a general principle of law. I don't think anyone would try to sue you, after all it is still very cheap, but keep you heads up :) There is a very good possibility of a class action lawsuit :)

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Well actually Greg is wrong about the Legacy Users for MANY YEARS. I started here in March 2008 and at that time this was Called and it was FREE for me and many others. Unlimited items. That was one of the Main reasons I opened a Store here. Then about 6 to 12 months into being here, the Price went from Free to $9.95. I was not too happy, but was OK with that fee. Now about a year later or so, the Price has jumped up to 300 Percent for me. It went from Free to $9.95 and Now $29.95. So for me that is a 300 Percent increase, including all of Highwire Glitches, and they have MANY!

    HW has many perks there is no doubt, but are they reliable? Not really, for the 3 years I have been here it has SO MANY Glitches I can't remember them all. So Like a few others here, I am not ECSTATIC about any increase. I would have liked to seen HW raise its fees no more than 100%, but the 300% percent is Hard. This is something I will have to really consider, due to the summer months. Business for me is always slower during the Warmer months. Not sure it will be worth it. I have put a lot of work into this website and am sad about this high increase. Just like I am sad about Gas Prices being $5.00 a gallon here. It seems to be that everyone has their hand out.

  • Tomas

    Your dates are a bit off. You are missing a whole year in your post. :) Remember, we did not touch the $9.95 rates for well over 2 years. During these two years we have constantly been upgrading the system, adding features, infrastructure and support while keeping it the insane low price of $9.95. At $19.95, it's still crazy low for the features and service being provided.

    w-precision, there's nothing illegal about pricing changes. We don't sign any long term contracts with memberships or guarantee rates for any amount of time unless it's explicitly stated in some promo.

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Hey Tomas, I signed up in March 08, but didn't really start adding items into the store till around Aug. Sept of 08. So actually, I am not missing any year. I am curious, when did the Free Stores go to $9.95 a month. Do you remember what month and year this happened?

  • Greg S.

    bellasbargains - This is not about having a hand out, it's about being able to provide the software and services required for our customers. We are a partner of yours in business, and we can't do this by being free or for an extremely low price. it's just impossible. We have businesses that rely on our software and services that will lose much more than a few dollars if we don't operate well.  We can't provide this level of software and service for only $9.95//month. I understand the frustrations of many legacy users because we have been giving you a "super incredible" deal for many years, but the time has come that we must charge more for our services.  $29.95/month is such an incredible value for everything Highwire offers. I don't know of another company that can offer what we do for that price. Highwire now offers a comprehensive suite of software including; mobile store optimization, facebook integration, and much more.  Our competitors charge around $80/mo for this service.

    regarding glitches, every software company that I know of has glitches, and we are no exception -- it comes with the territory but we do try our best to resolve issues quickly. I am currently not aware of any large issues with the site, but if there are some please let me know and i'll get them resolved for you. Note, the new interface that we just released comes with a lot of improvements including bulk editing features - This was one of the main things our customers asked us for.

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Greg, thanks for your reply. I guess what I was originally implying was you lead the horse to water right? Then eventually you start charging that horse for the water. Now isn't that a bummer? LOL

    Not sure how long you have been with this website, but I went over to PSU and dug this up. So if you want to see the reliability of the site, you can always read this when you have the extra time.

    Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the Website these past few years, but it's also been very frustrating. And to answer my own question to Tomas, It was around May 2009 that the increase went from Free went to $9.95 per month. So we received about 2 years of service for the $9.95 a month. So looking at this track record now. Would it be safe to guess that in July of 2013 the Price will go to $59.95, because this would be consistent with a 2 year increase at 300 percent.

    I guess I could have handled the fee going from $9.95 to $19.95, but what I am going to be paying is going to be steep, especially if the sales die for the summer. Thanks again for your replies.

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Can I ask Greg or Tomas, with this increase ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A BING FEED? If So, then when? I sure would love to know this. Thanks

  • warehousedirectllc

    Agreed knowing if there will be a Bing feed is a make it or break it for me. Meaning if there will be one I will be staying if not I will go to another user interface that offers the whole package and reliable glitch free service.

  • Joe Friday


    I'm one of the businesses that does rely on highwire for our webstore.  I want highwire to have enough money to be able to keep our store up and running.  I've lived though the glitches like many of you have.  When highwire glitches we lose hundreds of dollars.  It really does suck when that happens.

     I've also been an inkfrog customer since before it was inkfrog.  That was before eBay had picture service available.  Inkfrog has had price changes over the years.  No one likes price changes, but the bottom line is that these folks have to stay in business and contrary to popular belief the internet is not free. 

    $29.99 a month should not change your life.  If the difference between you making it and not making it is $29.99 a month then I will tell you that you can make more money working at Mc Donalds or Wal-Mart than selling on the internet.  Hopefully you don't fall into this category.  But if your margins are that thin, now would be a great time to look at your business and evaluate what you need to do to be profitable. 

    $29.99 a month  is a bargain for what Highwire delivers and I wish you and highwire success now and in the future.  We moved here from Volusion and we were paying those folks over $350 a month for a very complicated and cranky system.  In addition, Volusion charged thousands of dollars if you wanted SEO and google feeds.  Volusion has since dropped their fees but they are still complicated and cranky.


  • Greg S.

    Thanks for the response as well -- Yes, we were free back in those days and our product definitely was not what it is now (thus, the reason for the glitches ).  We've invested a huge amount of money into Highwire year after year to make it what it is today. It's interesting to me because I look at it as we have given our legacy customers an incredible value for many years while we invested heavily into the system, and you look at it as the % amount the price has increased for you personally (which I completely understand btw). At the same time, we have new customers that signup for us daily and thank us for such a great product and pricing (which is higher than your legacy pricing). At the end of the day, Highwire has given you a venue to sell your items for a tiny monthly fee and still offers you the best deal out there to grow your business.  We want to be your partner in business and will be here in the long term to help you and will handle your growth.  And just wait to see what is coming in the near future :-)

    regarding a Bing feed - let me investigate this and see what is required to get this in place. We've had a few customers ask for this.

  • littleonlinestore

    I just think the big issue is with stores that have many items, so they are at or over the 500 mark but don't have many sales or sales even close to the $4,000 a month mark. I think they see it as being charged an extra $10 a month than they would if they were a newbie. Granted, there are a lot of additional features, but many don't come close to the storage max or use the staff logins.

    I also think another issue is that it was stated that the legacy plans would be "discounted" from the regular plans. That seemed so until the regular plans were updated. Now, the legacy plan for those selling less than 4,000 a month really isn't discounted. For high sellers, it's a super bargain, but for those way under, it's not discounted at all just some additional features.Newbies pay 19.95 a month, legacy users pay 19.95 a month. Legacy=added perks that most don't use anyways and could be fine with a newbie plan.

    No biggy to me, but just mentioning what this thread will end up filling up with. If you had kept the newbie plan at the 24.95, there wouldn't be such an issue. I don't think many have seen the new rates yet. I plan on staying under 500 anyways, and if I go over, I will be sure to list thousands and sell over the 4,000 a

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Hey Greg, Not sure you read the many other threads here, but BING is a MUST nowadays. I happen to be a BING fan. I really wish HW would consider BING very soon. I am in Illinois and I am seeing more Bing Commercials than I have ever seen before. Why not give google a little run for their money. I just wish HW would seriously consider this feed and do this very soon. To me thats more important to the seller than a New Dashboard. Half the perks we have here are NOT necessary, but a Bing Feed would be. Thanks again and please consider this :)

  • littleonlinestore

    If you really think about it though, maybe it would be wise to think about item limits on the new regular plans. As of now, what is preventing anyone from joining and adding 20,000 items to their store? Say their stuff doesn't sell well, so they never reach over the 4g mark. They have all of those items, but never have to pay more than the $19.95 a month. Is that really smart? It's a drop shippers dream though. Yes, I am getting ideas!

  • Greg S.

    As of right now Bing is not even accepting new merchants:

  • otherspaces

    If I stay, I'm going to be letting go of one of my two accounts, since the "great news" about having my rates doubled is no cause for celebration. (Sorry, I see no glory in the added hunt and peck through the new glitz. If it ain't broke...)

    If you're going to change us to the new plan as of July 1, then please charge me on July 1st and stop billing me on the 28th of the month. What will you do to assure my account is continuous?

    I'm still debating about staying with you though, since I have a lot of books to sell and without the Media Mail option here --which PayPal permits-- it hardly seems worth it now.

  • Victoria Cuttone

    Greg, you are kidding right? I think your a day late and a dollar short. People on these forums have been talking about Bing for months. Awwww brother, don't tell me NO BING TODAY. Keep trying, it's what the HW members need.

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