Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • wreckcharts

    As predicted in my previous comment, they don't allow free speech here at Highwire. Another reason to go elsewhere.

    This forum is what you need to worry about. What until you see what I post about you guys on my blogs that actually gets real traffic. Our whosamungus currently is at 12,800 and daily page views exceed 300,000.

    Your deleting of my comments will not go unmentioned. I will laugh as I watch you guys run this business into the ground (with a little help from me)!

  • wreckcharts

    Tomas never should have pissed me off. You should keep a tight leash on him Greg. He does not know how to deal with customers. It is him that has caused this vendetta that will eventually be your demise.

  • Greg S.

    I'm not sure how to respond to that post. From my understanding, this is not about a price issue correct? I noticed your price actually went down from before. 

  • mundodelvibrado


    What is your URL?  I am curious to see a site with 300,000 daily page views.  If you are getting that many pageviews per day, you should be to busy to be worrying about the guys at Highwire.  I find your numbers a little unbelievable!

  • modernautomotive

    wreckcharts,  I agree, Highwire seems to be pretty similar to stores like Shopify, but there's no question that Highwire (at least the legacy option) pricing is WAY better than Shopify and doesn't require me to learn flash, or coding for a cart or anything like some other sites require.  All I need to do is find time to just "post" products to the site in an easy to use form layout, and I'm done.  If anyone else knows a complete ecommerce solution, including SSL cart and requires no coding experience and DOESN'T have transaction fees on the products you sell, for less than the $19.95 or $29.95 plans, please let me know.  Not that I'm going to change, I'm just curious.

    It's pretty cheap for an "account" on Ebay too, and I get tons of traffic and sales, but good lord, I have to sell products for twice as much to make up for all the fees they charge.

  • Michael Gilmer


  • Michael Gilmer

    My comment didn't go through for some reason.  The gist of it - wreckcharts, you are a troll and a sock-puppet.  Go throw juvenile tantrums in your wild-west forums where slander and libel are left unmoderated.  You are coming across as unprofessional at best and like a blithering F-tard at worst.

  • wreckcharts

    I canceled my personal account for many reasons. (This is a clients account otherwise it would be closed as well.)

    1.) The price increase which I personally don't find your services to be worthy of. At $9.95 I was a dedicated customer. At $19.95 there are better options.

    2.) I was billed 3 times this month for $19.95 and had never authorized a price increase. After requesting a refund from Tomas he only gave $10 back and I had to threaten to inform you as well as to do a chargeback with my bank he finally realized that he was wrong and issued the remaining $10. I still have yet to receive those credits after closing my account.

    3.) I highly dislike Tomas and the way he deals with problems. This guy should not have any association with customer relations. He runs around like a circus monkey trying to fix everything while ignoring the real issues. Spend some money and hire some qualified people for god sakes! Your partner is so clueless on how to run a successful business.

    4.) Constant changes and unreliability in your platform. Not to mention your constant urge to expand on something that doesn't always function properly. Almost always my requests to get technical issues fixed are initially dismissed as invalid and I have to prove their validity several times before getting something corrected. If the time was taken to address the issue the first time then it wouldn't take multiple requests to get it fixed.

    5.) There are so many open source (and free) options that only require a hosting plan which can do everything your platform can do plus has the options for true customization.

  • Greg S.

    Are you saying your billing issues are still not resolved? If not, contact me at greg at highwire  and i'll investigate. Do you have billing for clients going through your name as well? (send me the answer via email to keep it private).


    I don't usually post in the forum, but now I feel I must. I have been with Highwire since it was first ButitSellit. At that time it was free, with like I think 10,000 products then it went to 9.95 which was a good price. Twice I told and I quote "As a long-standing customer, we are offering you grandfathered plans which are greatly discounted from our standard plans". Please tell me where the greatly discounted factor comes in? The lowest plan is 19.95 for

    When I tell a customer they are getting a discount, they get it and I am a small company. Highwire is a big company and should not be making statements that are not true.


    For some reason my full comment was not posted, here is the rest of it.

    Next, Yes I understand prices change with the times because of new features in a product. Had there been a plan for Grandfathered clients  at say 12.95 or 15.95 I would consider that at a discount from standard plans. You are not giving the grandfathered clients anything lower in price than what you are offering a new client. To me that's not taking care of your long time clients. Because of this, I'm sorry to say that I will be leaving Highwire.

    When I tell a customer they are getting a discount, they get it and I am a small company. Highwire is a big company and should not be making statements that are not true. I'm sure there will be a lot of comments regarding this post, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and I feel cheated as a grandfather client.

    I have read the posts in here and it seems to me that when someone doesn't agree with this price change they catch holy hell. Please remember that for some people its the principle of it. When your told one thing and then something different happens, its not fair. I wish you all the best but I am done

  • littleonlinestore

    wreckcharts, just don't go off too much or they might close your client's account, and your client might not be too happy. Just sayin.

  • Tomas

    wreckcharts, I replied to your ticket very clearly. I can't find any indications of your account being "triple billed". If you were billed in error, I'd be happy to refund these charges and with out any hesitation. I already refunded the additional charge of $10 for your account you didn't want to continue. Please keep any further account related issues to your internal "private" ticket. We don't like to discuss these types of issues publicly for privacy reasons.

    I don't think that I've ever done or said anything to personally offend you. If I did, I apologize.  I truly don't understand why you are taking such a personal stance. I can understand your frustration for billing changes, but to use words like "vendetta" and "demise" is beyond professional reasoning.

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