Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • littleonlinestore

    Yeah, that was in response to the question of using Paypal for the monthly payment.

    Well, it's good that you have your eCrater store yet. Best wishes for you :)

  • organicgiftsbydiana

    Thank you !

    I wish you all many sales and profits  :)

    Have a good day !


    Organically Yours,

    Diana - You can find me as OrganicGiftsByDiana almost anywhere

  • Paul Shoopman

    I've thought of this long and hard and after the end of the month, I'll be leaving. I just can't pay for both websites since the price will be going up to $29.95. I've enjoyed my store and had a few sales without even trying while I was setting it up. I have almost 1000 items that I'll be adding to my website. I've been looking for suppliers and finally have everything together.

     I appreciate the help Tomas gave me during the Template change. The store looks great, just the way I wanted it to look!  Zenfolio has added the features I need so I'll be adding my products there instead of having a separate store here. It will be a part of my website's shopping cart. They also have the ability for me to add my customers photos to a gallery so they can choose the product directly from the photo. I'm finding the SEO is good there too so I think this will work out okay.

    Thanks for raising the prices! That gave me the incentive to get on the ball and get my website done. Good luck to all of you that stay! I wish you many sales!

    Joe...I don't need any of your remarks either. As a matter of fact, it was something you said that helped me make the decision to leave. Good luck to you too!



  • littleonlinestore

    Well, it was good that you had a store there to and will be able to just keep everything there and get that setup better for your needs. It looks like a very nice setup and your site was professional for sure. I remember checking it out when you first started here.

    It definitely adds up. At least now you will just have one site and will be able to concentrate all of your focus on it without having to juggle both sites. I am not sure how many sites were paying the $9.95, but for those with more than 500 items, it will be an extra $240 a year. Something to think about for sure.

    I don't think there should be any pressure. People know what they can afford, and there will most likely be many that leave. I don't think trying to make them feel bad about leaving or trying to convince them to stay is right either. People need to do what's best for them and their business.

  • Joe Friday

    There absolutely should not be any pressure to stay or leave.  If your highwire site is working and you are making money then it's easy to make the decision to stay. 

    I believe we are all gulity of not getting around to doing what we know we should do at times.  But sometimes we just need a bit of motivation to help that process along.  I do hope that I have motivated some of you to move that process along because I really do want to you be successful.  Don't sweat the small stuff.



  • vintageday

    Just wanted to say good bye. Closing down the  store ...but Vintageday can still be found on Etsy and Ruby Plaza .

    Good Luck to all!

  • worldoftoycars

    Looks like Ill be gone also,  am heading over to Prestostores, unlimited items with free SEO and Google submissions, but ultimately heading to my own site.So like someone else mentioned, Thanks for raising the prices and kicking my ass into gear!


  • littleonlinestore

    So you are leaving Highwire which has what you mentioned so you can start up another store on Prestoshop that will charge the same amount? Sounds like a lot of work and not much gained. You'd be better off just staying put and putting that energy into starting your own site right away, since that is a goal of yours. Plus, if you start now, you can get everything setup before Christmas.

    Good luck Vintageday! That Ruby Plaza looks like a really nice site.

  • Joe Friday

    I'm having a hard time understanding those that are leaving Highwire because they don't want to pay $29.99 a month to move to another site where they will be paying $29.99 a month or more.  Is there some holy grail somewhere that I'm not aware of?  If these other sites are so much better why would someone not already be there?  We  were on a number of sites before we found Highwire and from my experience, Highwire is far better than anything we were using before.



  • worldoftoycars

    Ohhh,..well maybe I havent been looking around enough on Highwire then. As Presto promotes items, displays images & descriptions directly into Google product search, all managed by them, and configures and feeds my products into multiple search engines and other shopping networks, and offers unlimited products.  I understood Highwire was item conscious, and charged by amount of items, as I have upward of 10,000 items to eventually come online, I didnt realize I would still be charged $29.99.  Well Thanks then Littleonline, Ill go and check all this out. My own site will take some time as I master Drupel, and more coding, so that was further on down the line. Thanks again.


    promotes your items for sale by displaying your images, prices, descriptions and web store name directly in the search results of Google and Google Product Search.  Using accounts we establish through Google Merchant Center, our staff manages this entire process for you

  • worldoftoycars

    Joe,.. Its quite simple...If at the end of the day im gonna be paying $29.99..then by golly I want the most that I can get for that money, especially If I can see future increases as per amount of items listed. Im not a store with 100 items...I have an inventory of 60,000, which my goal is to get 10,000 online one day. here at Highwire I see price jumps in 500 increments...what do you think is spelled out for me with 10,000 items?  Thats one reason...the other is the management of MY items into Google, Yahoo, Bing and other shopping networks..all indexed and promoted for me..and when Google changes their parameters again...guess who will be scrambling...not me. I had absolutely no interest in leaving, I was quite happy to answer your query why would someone leave?...its simple again,...I wasnt looking until I was pushed... No Holy grail required,...its all bang for the buck...

  • giftculture

    One point that has been highlighted here is the lack of being able to use Paypal as a method of payment for the upgrade. This is surely an essential requirement for non-US based Highwire customers who will be paying even more that $19.99 for a basic upgrade due to the currency conversion charges and bad currency exchange rates that they will have to face using their bank debit cards/credit cards. Many non-US sellers who use Paypal have US Dollar accounts within Paypal. Therefore, no extra cost will be incurred to use Highwire, if they are allowed to use Paypal to pay for subs directly from their USD accounts.

    Can someone from Highwire answer this query. Surely, it is right or fair for non-US customers not to be able to use Paypal?

  • giftculture

    Typo above....sorry....that was meant to say "paying even more than $19.99 for a basic upgrade ....  doh..

  • Joe Friday

    I dunno world.  Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I was under the impression that the legacy users on highwire get UNLIMITED products for $29.99 a month.  It has been my experience that Highwire also feeds our products to Google on a daily basis.  Since Google is the most important search engine, at the time, and has the most users, I'm happy with that.  To be honest with you, I have had far better results with Highwire feed.    I know they don't feed to Yahoo or Bing or other channels but I am hoping they will do so in the future and I would be willing to pay extra for that service if they do offer it.


  • littleonlinestore

    Just to clarify some things: For Legacy users, the 29.95 is for unlimited items. Only the 19.95 is limited to 500 items. That's really a pretty good deal for someone like you with up to 60,000 items.

    Also, Prestostores don't actually submit your items to those search engines. However, they optimize SEO and may submit your url to search engines.

    They do submit items to Google, but seems that is the only feed they currently submit. They submit it on their own, which means they submit it as a Prestostore item rather than a your store item. So, they have one account for their Prestostore, and items get submitted under their account.

    You could always try them. I've only seen one Prestostore and I think it had something like the 4 page checkout as Zen Cart. I am not sure if Propay can be used with them either.

  • Michael Gilmer

    Here is a workaround for using PayPal to pay vendors that do not accept PayPal :

    If you have a business or premiere account on PayPal, you can get a no-fee PayPal debit mastercard.  I have one of these.  I can remove cash from my PayPal at any ATM in the country (no fee) and use my PayPal debit as a real debit/credit card.  I can use it to purchase items and services from vendors that take bank/credit cards, but not PayPal.  I've been using it for several months to pay my Highwire monthly fee.  So technically, you can still use your PayPal to pay your Highwire fees, if you use the PP debit card.  Note, you cannot do this with a personal PayPal account.

    Best regards,


  • Greg S.

    Hi all, 

    Yes, to clarify -- Google is the most important search engine and where most buyers come from (ie. it's the most important feed by far) -we submit that feed under your domain which is very important (IMO). We will be adding additional feeds shortly as well as many other things :-) - If you submit feeds under a 'blanket' domain (ie. all feeds are under one domain) there can be limitations that get placed on the 'domain' that can affect you (and these limitations can be caused by a store on that domain that is not yours). Thus, it's always best to generate feeds under your own domain.

    Regarding PayPal as a payment method, would the paypal debit card option work for you?

  • worldoftoycars

    Dunno World....good one Joseph. Always loved name calling. Well Thanks again everyone, obviously Presto is misleading with stating Yahoo and Bing submissions and using your own web name, and Highwire is staying put on unlimited for $29.99, I dunno what I was thinking, silly me.

  • littleonlinestore

    Actually, if you read it right, they just say that "Our staff uses Google, Yahoo! and Bing webmaster tools to place you in their search results.

    "Our staff establishes and monitors a daily product feed to Google Product Search on your behalf.

  • littleonlinestore

    So, they do say it right. I am really not sure if they do a bunch more stuff than Highwire for SEO.

  • Holly Hansen

    I am a not-for-profit and this hurts us in the long run but change is constant I guess. Not such good news.

  • vintageday

    I have several eCommerce stores already. 

    It was time to focus .Highwire helped me with that decision.

    Good Luck to all

  • Joe Friday

    Well, would someone like to explain what is going on here?  Is there some connection between shopifly and highwire? 



  • modernautomotive

    Wow, this is AMAZINGLY the same as the very last version of Highwire.  I mean just look at the demo of the admin screen, I swear its identical to the previous screens in Highwire just before this last "change".   All in all, Shopify looks to be a little nicer, but not by much.  I do like their nicer template editor, but folks, have a look at their price....$29 for only 100 skus AND they take 2% transaction fee...come on...I don't think so.  Basically, if you want what Thomas and Co. are offering for the legacy $29.95 deal, you're gonna pay $129 over at Shopify.  I also didn't see anything on Google feeds, just SEO which practically every ecommerce site offers.

  • mundodelvibrado

    Boy, you guys spend so much energy complaining about prices and Highwire customer service.  I have had nothing but good helpful advice from the highwire team.  if you redirected your angger and put that energy into growing your business, the few dollars a month won't make a difference.


    To move your store to a new platform for over a few dollars makes no sense.  You will lose more money redoing your store than you would with the price increase.

    To all the whiners, send me your mailing address so I can send you a box of tissues. 


    Stop complaining and start growing your business!  Just like there's no crying in baseball, there's no crying in business!

  • littleonlinestore

    Maybe that is why they redid the admin a bit, because it was too much of a total copy from Shopify. Yeah, it's too odd how all of the colors and everything were exactly alike. I know this was mentioned before though about the similarities. There's got to be some connection though. When I did a check for Jaded Pixel Technologies, I got Highwire and BuyItSellIt as related sites.

  • littleonlinestore

    $29 for 100 items is pretty sad though.

  • Greg S.

    Just deleted those posts -- I don't see a reason to bash us as a company and allow it to stay on our forums. The pricing legacy users are being provided is an insane value, and still there are users who wish to bash us. 

  • modernautomotive

    Greg, I agree, I wouldn't be able to sit by and look at posts like that either without getting a little frustrated. 

    I do have one question though, and I just want to make sure I'm correct here.... If I sign up initially for the $19.95 plan, and then expand to more products/sales, I can upgrade at anytime to the $29.95 plan??


  • Greg S.

    Yes, correct -- you can upgrade to the $29.95/mo plan at anytime.  That plan will stay available in your account section from the account-->change billing/plans section and you can manually update it at your leisure.

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