Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • modernautomotive

    No, don't have a PP debit card.  Easiest way for me would be to set Highwire up as a vendor for us and just have my office send a check out every month like we do for the rest of our vendors.  Just saves us a few accounting steps at the main office.  Is it possible to pay this way?

  • Greg S.

    Hi Bonnie, it looks like you did a forward, which is OK -- but you really should do a DNS record (a cname). If you wish, I can set this up for you. Once I do this, you should then go to your Google Merchant Center and Google webmaster tools and update it to use your own domain name and not ours. This will get you much better Google Feeds with Google (less failures).  Here is what I recommend:

    1. Create a temporary password at GoDaddy so I can login to your account.

    2. Send me this username/password information to greg at highwire (dot com) 

    3. I'll update your DNS records at GoDaddy and setup your store at Highwire so it works correctly

    4. You then go back to GoDaddy and change your password back (for security)

    5. You then go to Google Merchant Center/Webmaster tools and update it to use your domain of (instead of Highwires).

    6. You then login to your Highwire store and go to the 'marketing-->Google Merchant' section and make sure you update the domain there to use your correct domain (


    Basically, i need to get the dns setup so then you can do the last 3 steps.

  • Greg S.

    We can potentially do this if you pay a year up front - contact me at greg at highwire and i'll send you the address

  • jmart

    We can potentially do this if you pay a year up front - contact me at greg at highwire and i'll send you the address


    Greg, what can you do if paying 1 year up front, thanks

  • modernautomotive

    I don't know how I can convince the higher ups that we should pay for something a year in advance for a product we haven't used yet.  What happens if we decide to cancel our account 6 months in?  Keep working on that PayPal payment thing, works great on InkFrog, every month I get an email from them where I authorized a recurring monthly payment to them, I'm happy, they're happy. :-)

  • ginolabay


    Just wondering:  if we want to ensure that no fees are incurred on our account / store, do we need to "close" our highwire store / account, and / or delete or deactivate all our items?

    Is is possible to reactivate it later on?  Is there a way to save the Store categories / settings etc, in case we want to ?? 

    Doesn't Highwire accept Paypal?  It's  getting less and less likely that we will stay!

  • Tomas

    ginolabay, the only way to stop billing on your account is to entirely cancel your account. We don't offer any 'hold' option or suspended billing.

    We do not offer PayPal as a payment option and have no plans to offer this again in the future. We did accept PayPal for a short period but for technical and accounting reasons, it was a nightmare and has been removed.

  • ginolabay

    Hi Tomas,

    How about if we select the Facebook plan - would our categories, and other settings be saved?

  • littleonlinestore

    They don't offer Paypal, because they can't just charge your Paypal account at the first of the month. They would have to wait until we paid the bill. Most likely due to them not having an AR person to keep track of who has paid their bill etc. Therefore, they have us put our credit cards on file, so they can just charge the credit cards each month and not have to worry much about accounts receivable.

    Paypal has subscriptions, but we can cancel those out if we want to, and then it would be up to us to make the monthly payment.

    I highly doubt they will give discounts if you pay a year ahead of time. Just doesn't seem like something they would do.

    Since no one was spitting it out, I thought I would.

  • Tomas

    ginolabay, there's no way to convert a paid account to a free Facebook store. You'd need to cancel your existing account and set up a new one.

  • Lee Richards

    FYI - Here's a heads up to anyone converting from a free plan to one of the new ones - you will be charged immediately upon entering your credit card information. There is no grace period of choosing a plan now and having the new rates take effect on July 1st. That bit of info is not made clear in the announcement about the new plans.

  • Tomas

    moviefan, your account was not previously on a free plan. 

    The only free plan we offer is a the free facebook plan which has no dedicated store site (only on Facebook). All free Facebook plans will get a 30 day trial on the upgraded plan if they chose to upgrade.

    Inkfrog users and existing users with up-to-date billing will be changed on July 1st.

  • usadirecttoyou



    Listen to the people responding to the DRASTIC increase in pricing!!!  This is a 200% increase.  As I said to Joe, imagine if I raised the price of a movie ticket from $7.00 to $21.00 overnight or raised the priced of popcorn from $5.00 to $15.00 overnight,  My business model would have be DESTROYED.   Food for thought!

  • otherspaces

    This appears to be the Internet version of bait and switch... Suck them in with free everything, then down the road change the rules and start charging, then further down the road, increase the charges. Ya just know that this is not the end of that, so it hardly seems worth it to stay here... We did a lot of searching and there ARE alternatives to this, including sites that are completely free. Just look in Google. 

  • Joe Friday

    "This appears to be the Internet version of bait and switch... Suck them in with free everything, then down the road change the rules and start charging, then further down the road, increase the charges"

    Folks, nothing is free. Someone always get the bill.

     I remember when Paypal was free.  Now I have to pay them thousands of dollars a year in fees.  But I'm still using them.  I remember when Google Checkout was free.  Now I pay Google thousands of dollars a year.  But I'm still using them.  Paypal and Google had costs that they had to cover.  Paypal and Google were willing to lose money for a period of time in order to build a customer base that would eventually pay to use them.  This is not uncommon.  But it never goes on forever.

    Highwire is no different.  They are entitled to make money and they have absolutely no obligation to provide you with a free website or to provide you a website below cost.

    You folks worried about a $10 monthly increase have your priorities in the wrong place.  If your business is going to fail over a $10 a month increase then one would have to believe you really don't have a business.  Maybe you have a hobby.  Well now you are going to have to start paying for your hobby or you will have to give the hobby up and move onto something else  Highwire will no longer provide you a website for free or below cost.  . 

    Prices do go up.  Business constantly changes.  You have to constantly make adjustments. 

     But to cry and stomp your feet over a $10 a month increase is just not a good use of your time. 

    Look at your business and figure out how to sell $100 a month more than you are selling now.  You are entitled to make a profit on your website. If you aren't making money then you are doing something wrong. 

    You have to set goals.  When I first started selling on the internet all I wanted was enough money to make my car payment.  That was my goal and I made it.  That lead to other opportunities.  It also taught me to keep my eye on the ball and figure out how to sell more stuff.  You need to figure out how to sell more stuff.    



  • Michael Gilmer

    Joe has some valid points.  And if it's the "principle" that bothers a person, consider that this is a standard business model and Highwire is not doing anything new in regards to this issue.  Thousands of businesses operate under the same model - attract a client base and then move that base towards profitability.  Netflix, Vonage, etc, etc.  You pay a lower price to start and then later on it gets increased.  This is capitalism folks.

    And comparing this service to a commodity (like gasoline) is invalid - it's comparing apples to oranges with two very different sets of market forces.  The same is said for movie ticket prices - movie tickets don't have the potential to generate a profit for you.  A movie ticket is a one-time sit down to watch a film.  This is a continuing service that is part of a business partnership (of sorts).

    Some of us just don't know how good we have it here.  Tomas is a better man than me - I would have already locked down this thread and went on about my week.  ;)

    This is the last two cents I will throw in from the peanut gallery.  Those who are up in arms over $10 or $20 (which we have known was coming for 2 years) have issues with profitability and overhead costs - no amount of debating here will fix that. 

    Now I am off to mail out some packages - I've made $328 in sales in the last 3 days (most of it profit).  That is more than enough to pay my monthly store fee (even with the increase) and we still have 22 days left in this month.  :)


  • littleonlinestore

    I do find it interesting that most of the ones with the biggest issue about the increase have a small number of items in their store.

    Keep in mind, that if you have a low number of items in your store, your buyer is probably wondering why you have a store at all. You're better off going to a marketplace setting like Bonanzle, or eBay or something similar. There is really no point in even paying $10 a month for 20 items. You're not going to get enough sales to make it worth the expense.

    If you're just using Highwire as another outlet in addition to other outlets, why would you have even paid the 9.95 just for duplicate content on Google? It may not seem like a lot, but it is still $120 a year. Spending all of that just to have a store with 20 items doesn't seem practical when you could have taken that money and bought more stock with it.

    A store with barely any items in it hurts sales as well. If I went to a store with say 10 items, I would think the store was still under construction or something and wouldn't make the purchase. One normally doesn't think a store would consist of just a couple items.

    For larger stores, hosting alone would cost about $10 a month. I use Propay, so I save some with the Merchant account and PCI compliance fees as well. It really only makes sense to even have a separate store if you have enough items and/or getting enough sales to make it worth while.

  • giftculture

    Unfortunately, this ecommerce cart is not worth $20 a month. The original Inkfog 'legacy' customer's bundle price was acceptable. However, charging an extra $10 to use Inkfrog and Highwire together is not worth it.

    It is a pity that although you have recently updated the graphics of the Highwire site, you did not update the functionality, which is currently pretty basic. For example, you cannot even add a custom message to bulk printed orders (you have to do this individually) or print custom address labels to fit your packing slip/Invoice template. Another thing, if you change the name of your website/store, you have to continue logging in under your old website/store name. Yet another thing, when you import listings from ebay, all the html in the original listing is lost and the text is just one continous line, like basic html editing in Notepad. You have to go in and edit the text in all the listings imported from ebay to Highwire, one at at time - way too time consuming. There are many more issues with Highwire.


    I am sorry to say guys that as it stands, we will will not be migrating as legacy uses, paying $20 a month for the privilege.


  • Greg S.

    Giftculture, sorry to see you go. Your store looks good. You have been given a free store for 2 years to use through the legacy plan which was an incredible value, but we can't offer it for free any longer unfortunately. 

  • usadirecttoyou


    One LAST suggestion for everyone's concerns about your new pricing.  Make a third Legacy (Plan C) option.  A monthly charge identical to your current charge of $9.95 per month with a 50 cents per item charge for all SOLD items in store.  I believe that this will answer EVERYONE'S concerns about your new pricing.   You don't lose customer and revenue base and I believe that everyone is happy!  Let us know!


  • worldoftoycars

    That suggestion would suit me fine...Id love it., and not hesitate to stay.  Otherwise ill have to go within a couple months, lengthy job to transfer 900 items over.

  • littleonlinestore

    Well, I think those that sell low cost items would argue the 50 cents per sale charge. Plus, there most likely isn't anything in place now to be able to charge an fvf for each item sold. Just because eBay does it does not mean it's an easy task to just add in the coding for someone's idea.

    What may seem like a perfect idea to some, isn't so much to others. Saying they better do this or you'll leave most likely won't get results either. Sure they've contemplated the fact that raising the price will mean some sellers will leave. Obviously, they raised the price anyways.

  • Joe Friday

    Not for nothing but,

    I received my Highwire invoice today and it was for $49.99 which is more than the $29.99 legacy plan that I signed up for.  Should I leave or stomp my feet or demand a new car as compensation?



  • Greg S.

    Hey Joe, the new pricing will take affect in July -- so that is why it was $49.00 this time.

  • worldoftoycars

    Hey Joe,..Its only a $20 increase, from what I understand all that is needed is for you to sell a couple more items, and this alleviates this increase and basically justifies any future increases. So I agree with you, why does anyone get upset with any increase in todays world,  we just need to turn up the sales to compensate. Another 300% Highwire increase only means a few more sales, so whats all this fuss...!?

  • Joe Friday

    worldoftoycars the $49 is not an increase.  I've been paying $49 a month since July of 2010.  Obviously I felt $49 a month was a great value and I haven't left and I won't leave when I pay $29.99 a month. 



  • organicgiftsbydiana

    Did I see the possibility of a third tier ???

    That would be great as I make most of my things and do not need more than 200 items and would stay for sure for the $9.95 that we pay now - oh, by the way, did you folks see that if you cross-listed items they count as more than one ?

  • Tomas

    Did I see the possibility of a third tier ???

    There is no possibility of a 3rd tier. We will not be offering any plans for less than $19.95/mo.

    oh, by the way, did you folks see that if you cross-listed items they count as more than one ?

    This is not correct. We count the total number of products, regardless of how many categories they are in.

  • littleonlinestore

    See, no possibility of a third tier. So why do people keep suggesting it? I guess if you keep up with the third tier and they've had a couple drinks, maybe they will change their

  • organicgiftsbydiana

    Could be because Bonnie asked about it and it looked like THAT was what Greg was answering when he answered her with the quote "We can potentially do this if you pay a year up front - contact me at greg at highwire and i'll send you the address"

    If this was the case, I would have kept my store after July because I like it here and I like my store...


    Yes, I see I was wrong about the other thing - unless it was that way at first, but not anymore... ?

    I am so happy to have met all of you here at BiSi - we did become an online family that first few years  :)

    I'll miss you.


    Organically Yours,
    Diana (you can find me as OrganicGiftsByDiana almost anywhere)

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