Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • Greg S.

    avane, I apologize i missed your post earlier -- In your case (since you have low sales and have > 1k items) it would be smarter to choose on of our standard plans. Once you begin making more in sales, you can then move over to our legacy plan as needed. This is what is so great about our legacy pricing. You can move to it as you grow and pay less.

  • airlinetimetables

    Greg -

    I appreciate you clarifying that point!  The way I read the initial announcment was that if we wanted to choose a legacy plan, we would have to do it by July 1.  I understood that we could pick a legacy plan, then later switch to a standard plan if necessary, but didn't realize we could pick a standard plan now and switch to a legacy plan later on.


  • worldoftoycars

    I agree with you all that say a 300% price increase is nothing, and that in the big scheme of things its still a great price. But not every seller is in the exact boat that you are. How many left eBay because of a couple percentage points.. What everyone is missing is the rationale. The price increase is readily compared to "the other guys"  not to new services, platforms or new templates.. Yes a few new templates here n there..but what is available and can be done today, nowhere close.  Nontheless...the justification is based on the other sites..and when they raise their prices, as they will, then the door opens again here..and so on..and so on..and of course the same sellers will say, its still a good deal, as the others charge more..Of course Highwire says they have no plans to increase prices, what would they say during a current hike. But there is no guarantee even for 1 year! There is no mention of new stuff, I would consider staying...if new exciting templates were being offered, much more options on the home page, widgets, etc..ability to move things around..and before you all start screaming i can "Pay" to have a custom template I pay everytime I want to change/upgrade my home page and move things..? Ummm yup. No,..the ability to move things and set up pages is easy, ive used and they make it very easy to do so.

    Like I said, I would consider staying, I do like very much what Im getting, but the writing is on the wall, and Highwire needs to assure us (at least for awhile) and make our decision a no brainer with new exciting features. As it is now and even eBay (with huge traffic flow) is now in the same park.. Its not fair for those of you to say to pack it in if some of us consider a 300% high...when gas jumps 20% for no real reason, I bet you say its still pretty cheap..No! I bet you changed your habits and were pissed. Well,..alot of us here now must change our habits.

  • modernautomotive


    I agree with you on the extra features needed.  I would be happy to pay even $49.95 (don't get any ideas Thomas ;-)  as long as we had some decent templates to work with. I don't have enough time on my hands to perfect html and java and flash to make my site look any better, but for free I can hop on and make a killer looking page that makes me look like a pro.  Just sayin, more templates and such would make the deal even sweeter for some.

  • Greg S.

    While I don't want to tell anyone what their business model should be, a storefront like Highwire should be used in conjunction with all other marketplaces. We are not a marketplace and should not be compared to one. We are a way for you to build and brand your business long term.  We are not a replacement for eBay, ebid, etsy, etc. -- we should be used in conjunction with them to build your business.  Highwire is your brick and mortar store on the web and a way to brand yourself so that customers come back to you.  Note, we will be making it easier to connect to marketplaces through Highwire shortly.

    regarding templates - We have released some already, as well as are actively partnering with designers to bring in more themes into our theme store (see ) - We will be continually adding templates.

  • Jennifer Clarke-McKay


    Thanks for clarifying that for me, I was concerned that once I opted into one of the standard plans I'd lose my legacy options and while I'm not going to be hitting my sales limit any time in the slow sales summer months, I was concerned about going to the much higher rate plans in the higher sales seasons which would make staying here a lot less attractive. Being able to opt back into the legacy plan is great news for me.

  • Greg S.

    hi avane, just got clarification that there is a development issue with going back to the legacy once you've chosen a non legacy plan, but just contact us and we can put you back onto a legacy plan by contacting support (or me directly greg at highwire ). We have your signup dates in our system and can manually move users.

  • Joe Friday

    "If you are not an employee (which I suspect you are) of highwire, they should hire you.  I agree with you that nothing is free in life, but you also have to realize that this is a 200% increase in price.  If I had raised the price on movie tickets (my prior life) at one of my theatres from $7.00 to $21.00, or popcorn from $5.00 to $15.00 overnight, what do you think the reaction would have been.  I'll bet you it would be the same reaction that is being seen here!  Just a thought!"






  • Joe Friday

    Well that didn't go right.  I don't know if it was me, or a Highwire glitch! :)


    I'm not an employee of Highwire, but I am an employee of  I would love to sell you some car keys and remotes, but I can't sell you a Highwire product.



  • authentics4less

    That's awful news =(   I've been paying $9.95/month now it seems like I'll have to pay DOUBLE! I understand why the cost of things are going up where Gas/Transportation is involved but I do not understand this increase. Imagine if you went to the Gas pump tomorrow & it went from $4.50 to $9.00 overnight.

    How long do we have till to choose which plan we are going to sign up for ?

    >>>>  If anyone knows of any other good hosting/webstore builders priced $10 and under please let me know :) thank you 


  • dishesanddoodads

    I just updated my plan to the Legacy $19.95. I just want to clarify that if I do go over the 500 product limit but do not reach $1500.00 in sales that I would then be placed on the Bronze plan automatically. I've read posts that seem to say we will go to the Legacy $29.95 but that's not how I have understood what I'm reading. We can jump back and forth between Legacy and regular rates as our products/sales change correct?

    Now, the processing has been spinning for about 10 minutes on my update so I'm not sure if I'm going through or not.


  • Michael Gilmer

    Joe (amazingkeys) has a good point, which he has mentioned several times - if a $10, $20, or $30 increase will negate the viability of your store, then you need to seriously re-examine your business model.  Having said that, I am referring to a single increase in a given span of time.  If such increases keep coming every year or two, then it could become a problem - but I will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

    eBay stinks.  Forget eBay.  I have been a member there since 1999 and I have quit selling on eBay entirely,  The ever-increasing fees, the asinine policy changes, and their cavalier attitude towards their "legacy" users is disgraceful.  The only reason eBay is still in operation is because of momentum and they have a monopoly in the auction market.   When I compare the value of features and customer service here at Highwire against that of eBay, Highwire wins hands down.

    For those who are considering their own shopping cart and hosting, then make sure you know how to code.  And I don't mean basic HTML or dabbling in CSS.  Also make sure you are fluent with FTP/Telnet.  I have a friend who uses Zencart and he spends more time per month tweaking code than I do selling items here on Highwire.  To have Tomas and his crew handle the coding is worth the price of admission alone (to me).

    To be honest, I was a bit worried when I first saw the price increase.  Afterall, it's easy to get used to paying $9.95 a month for an unlimited and open-ended store.  But when you shop around and compare, Highwire is the best deal going even with the price increase.

  • Michael Gilmer

    >>>>  If anyone knows of any other good hosting/webstore builders priced $10 and under please let me know :) thank you

    They don't exist.  You can't even get into a movie for that price.

  • Tomas


    Since you chose a legacy plan for less than <500 products, if you go over 500 products you simply won't be able to add any more until you choose a new plan. We won't switch it automatically for you.

    You can change back and forth, but once you change to a new plan, you'll need to email us if you want to go back to a legacy plan for any reason.

  • Greg S.

    Imagine if you went to the Gas pump tomorrow & it went from $4.50 to $9.00 overnight.

    The difference is that our $9.95/mo users have been getting $4.5/gallon of gas for only $1/gallon for many years :-) -- You are now (with our legacy plans) still getting a large discount on gas. I know it's hard to look at it this way because your costs are going up, but the reality of it is that you have just been getting an incredible discount for many years.

  • picturedisc

    how would all our customers respond if we put the products we sell up by 200 per cent?
    NO CUSTOMERS  would be my guess

  • Joe Friday


    When we left eBay, we were paying 31% (including Paypal) of our gross to them.  At some point the numbers just do not work on eBay.  We hit that number and had to leave.  We now sell more on Highwire than we sold on eBay and we pay Highwire less than 1% of our gross.  The numbers are not even close.  We've gone from unprofitable to profitable again. 

    Now Authentics4less, if you aren't making enough selling those high priced handbags to pay $19.99 a month for Highwire, I will buy your website and be happy to pay Highwire another $19.99 a month to keep it up.  You have a great looking website.  The only problem I see is that you do not have enough inventory..




  • authentics4less
    My average product count is about 45-60 items.
    That's just the way it is with Designer Handbags =)
    Has Highwire considered to offer 3 plans for it's members?
    Plan A - $9.95  (0-200 products items)
    Plan B - $19.95 (201-500 products)
    Plan C - $29.95 (unlimited products)
  • Michael Gilmer

    Well, I had typed out a really long and thought-out reply and lost it during the maintenance this afternoon.  I won't attempt to retype it all.  The gist of it was this - Highwire is giving it's legacy clients much better treatment than any other service on the web.  I've been an eBay since 1999 and have been treated like a number.  I quit selling there two years ago and I don't miss it. 

    Tomas and crew - keep up the good work.  :)

  • littleonlinestore

    I see so many assumptions made about other options when people don't try them out for themselves. You only need to know a lot of coding for Zen Cart if you want to modify a lot of things and do a lot of customizations. There's also Magento that is free and can be hosted for about $5 a month.

    Not sure why so many feel the need to convince those to stay if they clearly cannot afford it. If they can't afford the increase, there are plenty of options. No one will lose their business if they don't stay. There are plenty of places that submit products to Google Shopping. Plus, they submit to Bing and Oodle as well. It's not all "oh you better stay or you'll be sorry" kind of thing.

    The internet is filled with choices. There are options all over the place. To those that want to stay, great. To those that want to go, best of luck. The internet does not have to be so scary. There are always plenty of people willing to help. There are many not making that much money with their stores. I see past stores closing all over. Many of those that used to post in these forums no longer have Highwire stores. Maybe they closed, or maybe they went somewhere else. Either way, things will still go on and work themselves out. Don't stay if you feel stuck. Price increases are reality, but as I said before, there are other options. That isn't anything against Highwire, it's just reality. The options won't be the same as Highwire, but they do exist.

  • tubevalveamplifiers

    not happy about this price increase either, it's twice as much as before, and I already had some rather serious limitations for the way I have to adjust my business to my store, rather than the other way around ( I have posted about it in the wishlist etc)

    frankly the new price increase is an incentive for me to cancel, for about the same price I can have a lot more features elsewhere

  • Chee Leong Go

    Any chances there will be another payment mode offer rather than credit card, such as moneyookers? I see that paypal is no longer being offered.

  • Michael Gilmer

    My friend just spent hours of coding to reduce the number of checkout screens by one on his Zencart-powered site. 

    I don't think anyone is trying to convince people who cannot afford the increase to stay.  Instead, I am trying to dispel some of the myths raised in this comment thread - like comparing a web service to gasoline.

    Indeed, Highwire is not the only ecommerce option out there.  There are dozens of them.  And I would be more inclined to explore some of those options if I were not a legacy client.  But to me, $19.95 is still the best option by far. 

    One thing that cannot be overlooked is the quality of customer service here at Highwire. Every single time I have had an issue and sent in a support ticket, the ticket was acknowledged within minutes and the issue was resolved in an hour or less.  That is top-notch.  

  • bonnieleedesign

    Sorry to hear this as well as I was one of the first members to sign for a FREE web site back when it was called "buyitsellit"  about 4 years ago. When the price increased to $9.95 a month I went along with upgrading. Now with pricing doubling up to $19.95 I simply cannot afford it since I do very little business on my website anyway. It mostly it a back up to my Etsy shop and for additional exposure. Do not understand why you cannot have this middle tier for those of us that do not do a lot of business and yet need a web site for more exposure. 100 products would be about the max for me. I'd never need 500! Sad too since I just re-worked my site  in hopes of getting more sales from it and now I will be cancelling. I'll run my June subscription out and  in the mean time guess I'm on the hunt for a new basic site. 

  • Joe Friday

    bonnieleedesign why don't you add a selection of products for iPads and just pay the $19.99 a month?   Bet you would sell a lot more than you do now.



  • bonnieleedesign

    I've decided I'm sticking around and have just upgraded my account to the $19.95 My plan for the new year 2011 was to work on  building my business and so here I'll stay at least for a while till I see how things go. I'm no really up on working the internal stuff with a web site and so it's pretty simple here and that's important to me. 

  • Greg S.

    Hi Bonnie, glad to hear it! -- One thing I would recommend for you is to purchase your own domain name. This helps for Google Feeds and will make it easier to manage customers who purchase through you. It's better to have a customer go to than to Doing just a few things like that may increase your sales already! A domain name can be purchased at GoDaddy for about $7.50/year I believe it is.

  • modernautomotive

    For payment, is Paypal accepted for Highwire like it is on InkFrog?  We have a company CC, but it would be a pain for me to do payment authorization every month with the head office. Paypal scheduled payments work great for us right now.

  • Greg S.

    Actually Bonnie, I just noticed you do have your own domain that is being forwarded to your domain -- this is OK, but it's not the best way to do it (especially for google feeds).  Did you want some help in getting this setup correctly? Who is your domain provider? (go daddy?)

    modernautomotive - we don't accept PayPal directly at this time -- do you have a PayPal debit card by chance?

  • bonnieleedesign

    Greg, yes it is Go-Daddy that supplies my domain. I thought I had it forwarded so that I didn't need the highwire. Maybe I did int incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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