Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • Greg S.

    More inkFrog + more Highwire integration is coming soon! :-) It's a high priority on our end

  • Jodie Thompson

    How do we know if we are a legacy member or not??

    Even with the increase, it's still a good deal. I could never have set up a store on my own. HW is easy to setup and use.


  • austiners

    I'm very happy to report that the sorting and navigation issues have been fixed! This was a big stumbling block for me and I'm glad Tomas has responded and taken care of the problem. Thanks!


  • Martin Cline

    I don't like a price increase either. But then for those of you who are complaining about the $19.95, go ahead and cancel your account and go on over to eBay. Ebay's great (a little sarcasm), they charge you $49.95 a month for a store, stick you with fees to list items in your store, screw you when an item sells with a final value fee, screw you with PayPal fees (also an eBay company) when you receive payment, and to top it off are in your face every step of the way.


    Highwire does have some bugs and quirks that have shown up over the last 2 years I have been with them. But they have fixed the problems I reported usually within a days time. EBay sends you a nice little canned email response and are lousy at fixing any problems you may have.


    If the customer has a problem with an item you have sold them, eBay gets right in your face and takes the customers side every single time. Even if you have a clear explanation on how the customer is to return an item to get a refund, eBay will override your policy every time and side with your customer no matter how ridiculous the excuse they have with the item. A customer could buy a toaster from you and the customer could file a not as described dispute with eBay because the toaster can't be used to paint the house, and eBay will side with that customer every time. Highwire doesn't take any side. They are simply a place to sell your stuff--period--nothing more nothing less--the way it should be with no interference.


    I sell both on Highwire and eBay, so I know what I'm talking about.


  • jmart

    My ebay store only cost $15.95 per month not $49.95 and my ebay store by far produce a better net profit than my highwire or other stores did. They do have more fees and paypal fees but still yet the betters sales give me a higher net profit. I do agree that the Highwire $19.95 mo fee is a fair and competitive fee amount but still yet it is not what they had promised me so time ago. I was suppose to have listed a certain amount of iproducts before starting to pay the $19.95 and I had a long ways to go. Its like our Phone and Internet provider (Windstream) that advertizes a Life Time Price of $49.95 never increase and yet they did increase it to $54.95. And they don't share with you that with taxes and etc the bill amount will be $75.00 to $80.00.

  • Martin Cline

    Now that I think about it, the $49.95 I pay at eBay is for their mid level store. I think the price you (jmart) mention may be for the basic store level. If your sales on Highwire are down, be sure your Google feed is correct. My sales had been going down since they changed their name from BuyItSellIt to Highwire. They were still better than eBay but were on a consistent decline and never came back. Eventually eBay sales were doing better which was a complete reversal over the year before. I was selling more on BuyitSellIt but then sales started to fall of on Highwire. Why a name change would make any difference I couldn't figure. It turns out that apparently my Google feed items were not being submitted to Google even though I did show some activity and could find my items on Google and Highwire showed my feeds as being processed.

    I just thought it was the economy being so bad was why sales were falling off so badly. I lowered my prices and even used some search engine submission services (total crap by the way) and still nothing could get sales going. Then just by accident I went into my Google Merchant Center under Marketing (in the Highwire admin) to check where it said feeds were being processed. I followed the "Login or Sign Up for Google Merchant Center" link and signed in using my info I had used when I first signed up over two years before when I joined BuyItSellIt. The Google set up looks different than what it was and is more usable in that it actually gives better information that you can actually use to see if your items are being submitted to Google. All of my items turns out were NOT being submitted to Google. So I went thru and made the corrections it suggested to make (on a Friday) and sales started to go up that very same weekend.

    I'm now once again outselling eBay by 3 to 1 and making real money once again. It's been almost 2 weeks since I did this, and I am sold once again on Highwire. I just wished they would have told us that we needed to redo out Google feeds after the name change. I do remember reading something about that in an email or one of the forum groups, but my account in Google was showing a lot of activity so I thought all was correct as it should be.

    When you do the changes, do it thru the link from your Highwire admin Google Merchant Center Settings under "Marketing". Don't log into your Google account from Google directly as I think that isn't the same thing. You will have the option to select to have an email sent to you about your feed. Choose this option as it will tell you the number of items submitted and give you suggestions about what changes to make so your items will be submitted and to achieve better search results. It actually works. My sales are thru the roof. Be sure you put in the items condition, mpn (manufactures part number), brand, and UPC number if you have them in the Google Merchant Settings for each of your items. You access this via your items page when you are editing it. These seem to be really big deals. Use the words condition, upc, mpn, and brand in the "Attribute Name" (numbered 1 thru 10) and then in the next columns over in "Attribute Value", you put in the info, upc number, name of the brand, etc that corresponds to the title you put in Attribute Name.

    I also made a better explanation on my sites homepage that I accept credit cards as well as PayPal. Even though the customer will be actually using PayPal if they choose the credit card option, they still think they are using PayPal. Paypal just becomes the credit card processor. This is my biggest peeve about Highwire's checkout is they do not make a clear enough distinction between paying with a credit card and paying with PayPal. You and I know it's all PayPal regardless, but a lot of customers want to use their credit card directly and NOT PayPal. I signed up for PayPal PRO and also use that thru Highwire's checkout as a credit card gateway even though the standard Paypal would do just fine if Highwire would just make a better distinction of it when going thru checkout. I did this at the same time I made the corrections to my Google feed so I can't say for sure with 100% certainty as to which of the two things put sales thru the roof. You may want to try correcting your Google feeds first as no matter if you take credit cards, PayPal, or chickens as payment, none of it will matter if your items aren't being submitted to Google.


  • airlinetimetables

    I would still ike to know how long the legacy pricing will be locked in.

  • Tomas

    I would still like to know how long the legacy pricing will be locked in.

    It's an indefinite period. I know that's not answer you want to hear, but we just simply can't guarantee pricing for an X period of time. You'd be hard pressed for any service provider of any kind to guarantee their current pricing with out some type of long-term contract.

  • Greg S.

    With that being said, we have no plans in any near future on changing the pricing.

  • worldoftoycars

    References have already been made with other store platforms charging $80 a month, its clear where this is all going. Im jumping 300% in my monthly fee, so now ive got to look at other options. I would be stupid not to. Its really too bad, I did like it here, and persevered through the glitches. But now a 300% raise,..and in another 12 months or 24...guess what folks...the magic $49.99 per month is a real good others charge $80 per month...just read between the lines folks..  You can go to and for $49.99 life membership list a million items with no final value fee's. 

    Sorry Tomas, I really liked what you created, but the consistent hikes will hurt a lot of us.

  • Greg S.

    worldoftoycars -- again, we have absolutely no plans to raise the prices on legacy users. If we wanted to raise them, we would of just did it already.  It would be much easier to just put all of our legacy users on our current pricing. We have created this pricing as a reward to our legacy customers who have been with us for so long. This pricing also maps together all of our old legacy plans which helps us from a development and management standpoint -- we certainly do not want to make any changes again as it's a lot of work. In fact, many legacy customers are actually getting a lower price (many were paying $50/month and are now getting a $20 or $30 plan).  There just happens to be a lot of folks like yourself who have been given an incredible value for so long at the $9.95/mo and now will have to pay a bit more.

    In short, I honestly do not see us changing anything in the future, but we can't guarantee this because so many things can change (costs can go up for example). A Toyota may cost more for you now than 6 months ago because of what happened in Japan. These are things that happen in business and is why we don't/can't make guarantees.  I certainly do not see us - (management) - even talking about legacy pricing for a long time.

  • usadirecttoyou

    This is really BAD news.  While I have enjoyed being here for a very LLLLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time, when my current month expires, I must leave.  This takes us to the same price as ebay stores (power seller)!   Tomas, PLEASE change your mind and keep the pricing the same for your GOOD customers who have supported you for such a long time!!!!   Let us know!

  • Joe Friday

    worldoftoycars what a fun website you have!  I'm  just curious.  If you can't afford $29.99 a month here which includes all fees except for payments--where are you going to go?  The reason that I ask is because I don't know anyplace else you can go and have a real website (without some soft of external ads) for less.  Ebay fees will kill you at the price range you are selling.

    As most of us have found out there is a tremendous advantage in getting our own website away from eBay,  Amazon etc.  Remember once you get them to your website, you are not competing against a bunch of other sellers selling the same product.  They are your customer and if you can get them to buy once, they often will come back. for more.

    I challenge you to add something to your website that will bring you in an extra $200 a month to cover your increase from $9.99 to $29.99.  I'll bet if you think about it, you know where you can get something to add to your website that will do just that.





  • Joe Friday

    usadirecttoyou.  I agree with your decision.  You honestly do not have enough merchandise on your website to stay here and make it worthwhile at any price. 

    With your volume and merchandise selection, I believe eBay is a much better solution for you at this time.

    What you are missing is critical mass.  Once you get critical mass, the pieces will fall into place. Try to build your e-mail list.  Once you have about 10,000 customers on your e-mail list, come back and try it again and I predict you will have much better results.



  • usadirecttoyou



    I normally keep around 750 items here.  I made a couple of changes a few weeks ago and have not had the time (Thanks goodness I didn't) to add those items back again!!!   I've had fair success here in the past, but most of that success has been from work on my end promoting my domain.  As much as I dislike the current and past changes on ebay, they still have the best customer base.   Sad to say!

  • Joe Friday

    usadirecttoyou (and others).  I'm trying to get you all to look at where you are, at this time, and make some needed changes that you may have known you should do, but haven't been motivated to do so!  A price increase is a great motivator. 

    Keep in mind that  these price increases are probably because highwire was losing money providing services to some sellers that were not paying what it really cost to provide the service.  Of couse when you aren't paying much for a website, you don't get motivated to maximize the revenue from that website.  That is just human nature.

    1. The results you acheive here at Highwire are 100% dependent on you.  You have to build your catalog using rich descriptive keyword style titles.  You have to bring in the customers.  Highwire gives you the tools to do so.  But the customers will not happen without you. 

    2.  No one comes to your website because it is a Highwire site.  Your customers do not care what kind of site you have as long as they can easily navigate your site and quickly find the products they are looking for.  I've found Highwire to be the easiest site to navigate from a customer standpoint and I've found highwire to be  the easiest site to work on from a back end standpoint. 

    3.  Highwire is not eBay.  eBay gathers customers and charges a lot of money to do so. Those customers are Ebay's customers--not your customer.  Highwire does not gather customers-nor charge for gathering customers.  Highwire gives you the tools to gather customers.  Those customers are your customers..

    4.  You can not gather customers unless your Highwire website is completely stocked.  That is a biggie here.  You are going to have a lot of trouble gathering customers without a complete selection of  items.  Think about it this way.  Do you go into a store and shop when the shelves are bare?  Or do you go into a store when the shelves are well stocked with a complete selection of merchandise?  It really works the same way on Highwire.



  • Joe Friday

    Um toys......."You can go to and for $49.99 life membership list a million items with no final value fee's."


    Unfortunately has gone out of business.  The domain name is available for lease for $1000 a month on a joint venture deal.   I guess all of those that paid $49.99 for their life memberships are screwed.

    Folks nothing is free.   Someone always gets the bill. 



  • picturedisc

    not great new to me either. Guess I have to cancel my account..

  • picturedisc

    email sent i bet i wont be alone in leaving highwire

  • usadirecttoyou



    If you are not an employee (which I suspect you are) of highwire, they should hire you.  I agree with you that nothing is free in life, but you also have to realize that this is a 200% increase in price.  If I had raised the price on movie tickets (my prior life) at one of my theatres from $7.00 to $21.00, or popcorn from $5.00 to $15.00 overnight, what do you think the reaction would have been.  I'll bet you it would be the same reaction that is being seen here!  Just a thought!



  • picturedisc

    increase yes i agree but not so much in one go just unfair wix has same price estore with flash video and mp3 can be added also

    so when my months up thats where i will go as you seem to not respect legacy members enuff

  • Jodie Thompson

    To cover your cost increase, skip one cheap restaurant per month, or work just a tad harder to sell one or two more items. It's that simple.

  • discountdepartmentstore

    Yeah raising the price $20.00 a month for me! When my quantity discounts wont even save and highwire never figured out why. It has made my website look unprofessional to my buyers as it says they will get a quantity discount but then they go to check out and it's not there. And I can't tell you how may hour I have wasted updating those over and over after it said it was saved and it wasn't. I kept having to update those! Highwires explanation: We don't know why..........I think I will be looking for a new website provider as well....

  • amartin

    I would also like this feature and it would help you gain international customers.  In Australia we have a similar thing to VAT called GST.  In order to integrate this into the system you would only need a "tax included in price" check box in the tax settings page.  If that box is checked then at the checkout calculate the tax backwards.  In Australia our tax rate is 10%.  So at the checkout you could have a formula that calculates it.  If i sell a product for $100, then the actual product price is $90.91 and the tax is $9.09

    As i said this would help give you worldwide appeal. Also more options in the sidebar would be good like top sellers etc

  • amartin

    woops had to forum posts open and pasted comment into the wrong one.  

    But on the price increase $20 a month is not much and if you can't afford that there must be issues with your business model.  I am with another service prover as well and they charge $100 a month and only have a few more features than highwire.  With the higher price it means that highwire will become more stable and profitable, which will mean they can get more support staff and developers.  That will in turn bring more features and help boost your sales.  So in reality you should get more sales and make more money and so should highwire, making highwire viable for the long term.  It is a situation where everyone should benefit and give all the storefronts a more professional look. It is not upto highwire to charge well below market rate just so some people can make an extra $10 a month.

  • airlinetimetables

    Joe -

    FYI - ebid's site is, not  And they are still in operation.

  • purerapture

    I'm glad to hear it.  I just saved $5/ mth.  I totally agree with amartin too!

  • purerapture

    After reading everyones comments, I can't believe people are going to leave Highwire for $10 per month.  If this price increase affects your Breakeven point that much, you need to pack it in.  I think there is great value with Highwire.  I just opened my second site on this platofrm and I'm here to stay!

    Keep it up Highwire team!!

  • johnnygadgetz
    I second that. I cant believe what im reading. Highwire is by far better than anything I have found. Coming from ebay and amazon to here has been very nice. Im parkin it here.
  • littleonlinestore

    There are plenty of alternatives out there. I really don't think everyone not being able to afford the increase should "pack it in".

    If you take Paypal and don't take regular credit cards, you could pay $5 a month for hosting and install a simple Zen Cart. You'll have to learn how to do the install and how to update it, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be better off and learn a lot. There is also other alternatives like Vendio, which offers a free store if you don't need integration. There are marketplace sites like Bonanza, eBid even eCrater and so on where you can list stuff and only pay if it sells.

    If you can't afford the bump now, there are other sites where you can list your items for free. Their prices have stayed the same for a really long time, and don't fluctuate as often as they do here. I am sure the legacy plans will stay the same for a while, but time goes by fast, so before we know it, the prices will get changed all around again. If you can't afford it now, you might as well just learn someplace new while the selling season is slow. You have enough time to transfer your store over somewhere and get it all ready for Fall.

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