Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • Jennifer Clarke-McKay

    I have a problem with the pricing which is pretty much exactly what littleonlinestore mentioned I have over 1000 items with more to add, but don't sell anywhere close to the $4k mark so I have to pay $10 more than a new user if I keep my store here, which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  • Joe Friday

    I'm one of those that has been asking for a bing feed since last year when bing started..  I'm also an approved merchant with bing and we have to go outside of highwire to get our feed uploaded.  I know many merchants on highwire already have their approval with bing even though bing is not currently accepting new merchants.  I would like to see highwire offer a bing feed and I would be willing to pay extra for it.



  • Joe Friday

    I don't know if you all have seen the new street pricing for highwire.  The lowest rate is $19.95 a month.  It goes up to $99 a month.  Here is the link:


    The advantage you have in being a legacy member is that you can move to the low cost legacy price and then when your business grows you can move up to the $29.99 plan with no penalty.  That $29.99 plan would cost a new user $99.99 a month right now.

    Again, folks if you aren't selling enough to make $19.99 or $29.99 work, you really need to look at your business model.  Please take this opportunity to look at your business and figure out what you need to do to improve your numbers.  Make a goal to increase your sales.  Highwire has come a long way over the past year.  You have many new features and tools available to you that were not even thought of a year ago.  Those new features should help you increase your sales.

    By the way, if you just can't come up with a way to make your numbers work because of this pricing structure, there is nothing wrong with closing up shop and moving on to something else.  That would be a good business decision.

    I remember when Paypal used to be free and they would pay you $10 to sign up and $10 when you had your friends sign up.  I think I had 840 friends sign up for Paypal.   Then Paypal started charging for their service!  But I'm still with Paypal even though they actually started charging me a commission every time a customer pays.

     Go Figure.





  • alfapostcards

    well i'll give you folks my opinion..without doubt inkfrog and highwire have given me the easiest and best way to list items on ebay and in my own store,PLUS by far the cheapest option compared to everyone else out there..come on you lot,especially inkfrog users who have had it FREE for 2 years,what more do you want???!!!!..$30 or £18 a month is nothing really to have the features that highwire provide,go and find somewhere else who can give you the same..this really does prove that the vast majority of people want everything for nothing and i'm sorry but you should be ashamed of yourselves for moaning about it

  • oestore

    We are totally fine with the changes to the pay plan.  Our 2 Highwire stores are simple, effective and easy to use.  And now with the new and improved interface we are even more delighted.  We sell a lot of products off of the store and the increase in price is nothing compared to the profits we are drawing.  We can absorb that is simply a good business move on Highwire's part.  They help me and I will help them.  Essentially they are a partner!

    I too was a customer when it was and I can assure you, the customer service I have now far exceeds what is was before.  I have deal with the glitches from time to time too and they are handled very, very quickly.  Greg and the entire Highwire Staff stayed well after hours one evening so I could get my second store launched in time for a big event.   THAT is customer service!

    Thanks again Greg and Highwire

  • northerntropics

    Could you possibly add another third plan legacy amount for 250 items or less and make it 9.95 again? 19.95 is a big jump from 9.95. During the winter months we don't sell anything on our store due to us having a seasonal (greenhouse) business and this increase is going to be tough.

  • airlinetimetables

    Greg -

    Since you asked about "glitches", here's one that is a big problem for me.  Since late March, I have been unable to sort categories.  (To be more specific, I can drop and drag them to new locations, but when I refresh the page, they are back at their original locations.)

    I created a support ticket and was told that the problem had to do with the number of categories I in my store.  (The new admin interface no longer shows a category count, but I believe I have 6-700 categories.)

    I have also been told that the problem had been identified, but would have to be part of the next "major update" slated for late May.  I have been patiently waiting for several months, and hoped that the recent changes to the admin interface would recitify the issue, but it still does not work.

    I have been planning to greatly expand my store offerings, but have put this on hold since I cannot sort the new categaories I need to create.  Tomas has manually resorted one category for me, but I don't want to have to create a support ticket every time I add a new category!

    I can live with the new pricing as long as eveything works as advertised.

  • modernautomotive

    I guess I can agree with some users on here and disagree with others.  I haven't done much with my store, slowly added items, and have had some sales from it, but it was no big deal because it was basically INCLUDED with our InkFrog acct which we use quite a bit for Ebay.  I will agree, the pricing for the legacy customers isn't too bad (it sucks compared to free, obviously).  To those that say though that $19.95 isn't too much per month, you're right, but it's yet another increase on an expense that my business, and I'm sure many others on here, do not need.  We alone have seen $10K increase a month in our fuel bill for delivery on our trucks here just because of the gas prices since last year.  I guess I will evaluate whether or not we will add more items on our store to increase some business or just focus on the other projects we have currently up and rolling making profits for us.  Good luck to all.


  • Tomas

    David, I replied to your ticket. Let me know if the Save Changes works for ya!

  • airlinetimetables

    Tomas -

    It does, thanks!

  • austiners

    A comment not about pricing, but about things that need attention in the newly released version. The navigation and sorting / alphabetization within the View Products area are not working as they should.

    1) View Products > Sort by Category > Select a Parent Category with Subcategories > Click on Title to sort > Go to a letter for which there is more than one page of products > the items on the second and subsequent pages are not in alphabetical order, the page redisplays some items from page one, and never displays other items that should be on the second page. This worked perfectly in the previous version.

    2) Using the Search Box, search for a word that will produce more than one page of results. On the first page of results, select a few items and do a bulk edit. Click on "Save and Exit." You are not returned to the results of your search to move on to the second page to continue your edit. Instead, you have to start the search over again to get back to where you were.

    Thanks,  Susan

  • thecrazydollladies

    Is this 19.95 a month going to include Inkfrog still or will we be paying 19.95 + 9.95 for both now?? THAT will be impossible for me during the slow summer months .. I think I am about to go storeless .. I have loved my store and could probably do the 19.95 a month for a high wire store with inkfrog .. but if we have to pay both .. i am out now ..

  • littleonlinestore

    The product limit is still different. For the 19.95 newbie plan, is it a max of 500 items or unlimited?

  • Cheryl Stern


    Why, as legacy users, are we limited to 500 items for $19.95 when a new customer will have unlimited items for the same price? Your pricing policy doesn't make much sense to me.

    I also agree with  w-precision that the way you bump your prices up on us is borderly illegal.

    Now I have 600 items in my store. If I want to keep it running, I will have to swtich to the $29.95 plan. For this price, I can get a Volusion store that is way more robust and offer way more options than Highwire. I liked Highwire for it's simplicity and low cost. but it seems to me that the improvement your are "selling" us are mostly cosmetic. I don't care if the admin interface look all pretty and green and flashy. I think that for the price increase, we should get some real valuable addons to the product like CRM or kit building, etc....




  • littleonlinestore

    I think they just made a mistake when they made the page and forgot to change the sales total and volume totals for the 19.95 plan.

    It's not illegal as we're monthly subscribers. Therefore, they are allowed to change their prices. Unless one can show deliberate negligence or fraud (such as they start free and within a month goto $100) it's not illegal. The only point anyone could argue would be the "discount" promised in a thread a couple months ago. However, the could then just knock the price down by a buck or something, which would legally constitute a "discount". Of course, the legal fees would far exceed any amount saved by taking anyone to court....just sayin.

  • Greg S.

    worldwiseimports - with Volusion you would be paying $60/month plus have bandwith charges. 

    Regarding pricing - the pricing was chosen so you could pick the best that works for you. You can choose one of our new plans and pay only the $20/month or jump on a legacy plan if that is of lower cost.

  • Cheryl Stern

    @Greg: My bad, I forgot the 100 product limit on the Volusion $29.95 plan

    Now could you please explain to me how the legacy $19.95 plan with 500 product is better than the normal plan $19.95 with unlimite product? As a legacy account, I don't feel like I'm getting any advantage vs a new customer.

  • modernautomotive

    As someone mentioned earlier, I too would like to know if this pricing is in ADDITION to any fee we pay for InkFrog.  Before, we had the BISI store included as long as we kept our InkFrog account active and paid. (Very sweet deal and a great way to get customers using both programs)

  • Tomas

    Just for clarification, when I said that our legacy billing would be "discounted" from our new rates, I meant that they would be cheaper, not that they would be the same plans, but different pricing. You are getting a much better deal on the legacy plans since you have no sales limits. What could cost you $99/mo is going to be a maximum of $29.95.

  • Tomas

     I too would like to know if this pricing is in ADDITION to any fee we pay for InkFrog. 

    Yes, this is in addition to inkFrog. You've had a free account courtesy of inkFrog for 2 years. If you keep your store, inkFrog and Highwire will billed separately.

  • airlinetimetables

    I don't use InkFrog, so do I need to cancel it when my pomotional rate ends?

  • Tomas

    worldwise, It may or may not be better. That depends on your monthly sales volume. If you are gauranteed to sell under $1500/mo forever then the new billing plan is the right choice for you. If you don't want to worry about sales limits, then the Legacy plans are right for you. You have both options when choosing a new plan.

    David, If you don't use inkFrog and don't wish to pay separate invoices, you may cancel your inkFrog account. We won't do anything with your inkFrog billing after the 2 years is officially up July 1st.

  • Greg S.

    inkFrog members will now have to pay for their Highwire store as well as for inkFrog. Both services are an extremely low cost for what you get - As mentioned above, we also gave 2 years of Highwire for free (which was an incredible deal).  At some point we have to charge -  we are offering you the lowest price plans for any comparable shopping cart system. 

  • Cheryl Stern

    If I choose a plan with a $1500 monthly sales limit, what happens when a customer tries to place an order over that limit?

  • Tomas

    The order will go through normally. We won't shut down your store or block orders, we'll just knock you up to the next level automatically.

  • airlinetimetables

    Two additional questions regarding legacy vs standard pricing:

    If we choose a legacy plan, how long is this locked in for?

    Also, the storage limits are only for "Digital Contant", correct?  (I.e., they have nothing to do with the images we upload for our listings.)

  • Tomas

    Susan, sorry your post got a little buried. We're doing our best to try to respond to everyone. For technical issues, please use the other forums or the "What's New" thread.

    These sorting issues should be fixed now. :)

  • landersantiques

    since they are now different plans, is there a way on inkfrog to have custom csv upload files to highwire so I do not have to go into the file an edit the same cells every time before I upload.   Also I would to see the inkfrog upload pick up the traits of an item that are put in the ebay listing. IT currently does not do this. Like if it is new or used, colors, sizes.

  • littleonlinestore

    Well, it's actually pretty easy to go over 1500 in sales even with much less than 500 items.

    Tomas, you weren't the one that talked about "discounted" in the thread I was referring to.

    Either way, if anyone is mad about pricing, just add loads of items to your stores and make the 29.95 a super bargain. Plus, as we've all seen, these new prices might not last very long either. :P

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