Great news for legacy users - Legacy pricing released




  • Victoria Cuttone

    Hey Greg, Not sure you read the many other threads here, but BING is a MUST nowadays. I happen to be a BING fan. I really wish HW would consider BING very soon. I am in Illinois and I am seeing more Bing Commercials than I have ever seen before. Why not give google a little run for their money. I just wish HW would seriously consider this feed and do this very soon. To me thats more important to the seller than a New Dashboard. Half the perks we have here are NOT necessary, but a Bing Feed would be. Thanks again and please consider this :)

  • airlinetimetables

    Greg -

    I appreciate you clarifying that point!  The way I read the initial announcment was that if we wanted to choose a legacy plan, we would have to do it by July 1.  I understood that we could pick a legacy plan, then later switch to a standard plan if necessary, but didn't realize we could pick a standard plan now and switch to a legacy plan later on.


  • Joe Friday

    I'm having a hard time understanding those that are leaving Highwire because they don't want to pay $29.99 a month to move to another site where they will be paying $29.99 a month or more.  Is there some holy grail somewhere that I'm not aware of?  If these other sites are so much better why would someone not already be there?  We  were on a number of sites before we found Highwire and from my experience, Highwire is far better than anything we were using before.



  • alfapostcards

    well i'll give you folks my opinion..without doubt inkfrog and highwire have given me the easiest and best way to list items on ebay and in my own store,PLUS by far the cheapest option compared to everyone else out there..come on you lot,especially inkfrog users who have had it FREE for 2 years,what more do you want???!!!!..$30 or £18 a month is nothing really to have the features that highwire provide,go and find somewhere else who can give you the same..this really does prove that the vast majority of people want everything for nothing and i'm sorry but you should be ashamed of yourselves for moaning about it

  • Michael Gilmer

    Joe (amazingkeys) has a good point, which he has mentioned several times - if a $10, $20, or $30 increase will negate the viability of your store, then you need to seriously re-examine your business model.  Having said that, I am referring to a single increase in a given span of time.  If such increases keep coming every year or two, then it could become a problem - but I will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

    eBay stinks.  Forget eBay.  I have been a member there since 1999 and I have quit selling on eBay entirely,  The ever-increasing fees, the asinine policy changes, and their cavalier attitude towards their "legacy" users is disgraceful.  The only reason eBay is still in operation is because of momentum and they have a monopoly in the auction market.   When I compare the value of features and customer service here at Highwire against that of eBay, Highwire wins hands down.

    For those who are considering their own shopping cart and hosting, then make sure you know how to code.  And I don't mean basic HTML or dabbling in CSS.  Also make sure you are fluent with FTP/Telnet.  I have a friend who uses Zencart and he spends more time per month tweaking code than I do selling items here on Highwire.  To have Tomas and his crew handle the coding is worth the price of admission alone (to me).

    To be honest, I was a bit worried when I first saw the price increase.  Afterall, it's easy to get used to paying $9.95 a month for an unlimited and open-ended store.  But when you shop around and compare, Highwire is the best deal going even with the price increase.

  • Holly Hansen

    I am a not-for-profit and this hurts us in the long run but change is constant I guess. Not such good news.

  • airlinetimetables

    Two additional questions regarding legacy vs standard pricing:

    If we choose a legacy plan, how long is this locked in for?

    Also, the storage limits are only for "Digital Contant", correct?  (I.e., they have nothing to do with the images we upload for our listings.)

  • Greg S.

    Actually Bonnie, I just noticed you do have your own domain that is being forwarded to your domain -- this is OK, but it's not the best way to do it (especially for google feeds).  Did you want some help in getting this setup correctly? Who is your domain provider? (go daddy?)

    modernautomotive - we don't accept PayPal directly at this time -- do you have a PayPal debit card by chance?

  • Michael Gilmer


  • airlinetimetables

    I'm having a hard time understanding why the standard plan pricing is based on sales volume, but "legacy" pricing is based on the number of items!

    I have been asking for months about the legacy pricing, and have been told that it would be a discount from the standard rates, and must admt I am disappointed to see that is not the case.

  • Martin Cline

    Now that I think about it, the $49.95 I pay at eBay is for their mid level store. I think the price you (jmart) mention may be for the basic store level. If your sales on Highwire are down, be sure your Google feed is correct. My sales had been going down since they changed their name from BuyItSellIt to Highwire. They were still better than eBay but were on a consistent decline and never came back. Eventually eBay sales were doing better which was a complete reversal over the year before. I was selling more on BuyitSellIt but then sales started to fall of on Highwire. Why a name change would make any difference I couldn't figure. It turns out that apparently my Google feed items were not being submitted to Google even though I did show some activity and could find my items on Google and Highwire showed my feeds as being processed.

    I just thought it was the economy being so bad was why sales were falling off so badly. I lowered my prices and even used some search engine submission services (total crap by the way) and still nothing could get sales going. Then just by accident I went into my Google Merchant Center under Marketing (in the Highwire admin) to check where it said feeds were being processed. I followed the "Login or Sign Up for Google Merchant Center" link and signed in using my info I had used when I first signed up over two years before when I joined BuyItSellIt. The Google set up looks different than what it was and is more usable in that it actually gives better information that you can actually use to see if your items are being submitted to Google. All of my items turns out were NOT being submitted to Google. So I went thru and made the corrections it suggested to make (on a Friday) and sales started to go up that very same weekend.

    I'm now once again outselling eBay by 3 to 1 and making real money once again. It's been almost 2 weeks since I did this, and I am sold once again on Highwire. I just wished they would have told us that we needed to redo out Google feeds after the name change. I do remember reading something about that in an email or one of the forum groups, but my account in Google was showing a lot of activity so I thought all was correct as it should be.

    When you do the changes, do it thru the link from your Highwire admin Google Merchant Center Settings under "Marketing". Don't log into your Google account from Google directly as I think that isn't the same thing. You will have the option to select to have an email sent to you about your feed. Choose this option as it will tell you the number of items submitted and give you suggestions about what changes to make so your items will be submitted and to achieve better search results. It actually works. My sales are thru the roof. Be sure you put in the items condition, mpn (manufactures part number), brand, and UPC number if you have them in the Google Merchant Settings for each of your items. You access this via your items page when you are editing it. These seem to be really big deals. Use the words condition, upc, mpn, and brand in the "Attribute Name" (numbered 1 thru 10) and then in the next columns over in "Attribute Value", you put in the info, upc number, name of the brand, etc that corresponds to the title you put in Attribute Name.

    I also made a better explanation on my sites homepage that I accept credit cards as well as PayPal. Even though the customer will be actually using PayPal if they choose the credit card option, they still think they are using PayPal. Paypal just becomes the credit card processor. This is my biggest peeve about Highwire's checkout is they do not make a clear enough distinction between paying with a credit card and paying with PayPal. You and I know it's all PayPal regardless, but a lot of customers want to use their credit card directly and NOT PayPal. I signed up for PayPal PRO and also use that thru Highwire's checkout as a credit card gateway even though the standard Paypal would do just fine if Highwire would just make a better distinction of it when going thru checkout. I did this at the same time I made the corrections to my Google feed so I can't say for sure with 100% certainty as to which of the two things put sales thru the roof. You may want to try correcting your Google feeds first as no matter if you take credit cards, PayPal, or chickens as payment, none of it will matter if your items aren't being submitted to Google.


  • Tomas

    moviefan, your account was not previously on a free plan. 

    The only free plan we offer is a the free facebook plan which has no dedicated store site (only on Facebook). All free Facebook plans will get a 30 day trial on the upgraded plan if they chose to upgrade.

    Inkfrog users and existing users with up-to-date billing will be changed on July 1st.

  • airlinetimetables

    Tomas -

    It does, thanks!

  • picturedisc

    email sent i bet i wont be alone in leaving highwire

  • Joe Friday

    worldoftoycars the $49 is not an increase.  I've been paying $49 a month since July of 2010.  Obviously I felt $49 a month was a great value and I haven't left and I won't leave when I pay $29.99 a month. 



  • littleonlinestore

    If you really think about it though, maybe it would be wise to think about item limits on the new regular plans. As of now, what is preventing anyone from joining and adding 20,000 items to their store? Say their stuff doesn't sell well, so they never reach over the 4g mark. They have all of those items, but never have to pay more than the $19.95 a month. Is that really smart? It's a drop shippers dream though. Yes, I am getting ideas!

  • modernautomotive


    I agree with you on the extra features needed.  I would be happy to pay even $49.95 (don't get any ideas Thomas ;-)  as long as we had some decent templates to work with. I don't have enough time on my hands to perfect html and java and flash to make my site look any better, but for free I can hop on and make a killer looking page that makes me look like a pro.  Just sayin, more templates and such would make the deal even sweeter for some.

  • giftculture

    One point that has been highlighted here is the lack of being able to use Paypal as a method of payment for the upgrade. This is surely an essential requirement for non-US based Highwire customers who will be paying even more that $19.99 for a basic upgrade due to the currency conversion charges and bad currency exchange rates that they will have to face using their bank debit cards/credit cards. Many non-US sellers who use Paypal have US Dollar accounts within Paypal. Therefore, no extra cost will be incurred to use Highwire, if they are allowed to use Paypal to pay for subs directly from their USD accounts.

    Can someone from Highwire answer this query. Surely, it is right or fair for non-US customers not to be able to use Paypal?

  • oestore

    We are totally fine with the changes to the pay plan.  Our 2 Highwire stores are simple, effective and easy to use.  And now with the new and improved interface we are even more delighted.  We sell a lot of products off of the store and the increase in price is nothing compared to the profits we are drawing.  We can absorb that is simply a good business move on Highwire's part.  They help me and I will help them.  Essentially they are a partner!

    I too was a customer when it was and I can assure you, the customer service I have now far exceeds what is was before.  I have deal with the glitches from time to time too and they are handled very, very quickly.  Greg and the entire Highwire Staff stayed well after hours one evening so I could get my second store launched in time for a big event.   THAT is customer service!

    Thanks again Greg and Highwire

  • Tomas


    Since you chose a legacy plan for less than <500 products, if you go over 500 products you simply won't be able to add any more until you choose a new plan. We won't switch it automatically for you.

    You can change back and forth, but once you change to a new plan, you'll need to email us if you want to go back to a legacy plan for any reason.

  • vintageday

    I have several eCommerce stores already. 

    It was time to focus .Highwire helped me with that decision.

    Good Luck to all

  • landersantiques

    since they are now different plans, is there a way on inkfrog to have custom csv upload files to highwire so I do not have to go into the file an edit the same cells every time before I upload.   Also I would to see the inkfrog upload pick up the traits of an item that are put in the ebay listing. IT currently does not do this. Like if it is new or used, colors, sizes.

  • Greg S.

    We can potentially do this if you pay a year up front - contact me at greg at highwire and i'll send you the address

  • Michael Gilmer

    My comment didn't go through for some reason.  The gist of it - wreckcharts, you are a troll and a sock-puppet.  Go throw juvenile tantrums in your wild-west forums where slander and libel are left unmoderated.  You are coming across as unprofessional at best and like a blithering F-tard at worst.

  • littleonlinestore

    jmart,who told you that you'd only be paying 9.95 a month for life and only pay more if you listed more than 500,000 items? I've been reading the forums since before you joined, and I've never seen that posted. Maybe you have a copy of the email or can find it in your support tickets?

    Am I missing something about the standard rates? OK, now I see. They seem to change quite often I So, I guess if one has more than 500 items, they could just sign up for the Bronze plan. Does anyone know how we find out how many MB we are using? 100 MB seems like a lot, but my CD's that fit 700MB never seem to hold much. I see the green bar, but can't find a total used unless I add everything up. ugh.

    Well, compared the the old rates where the lowest was about $25, our rates seemed good. Now, it seems like we just have a couple more unlimited checks, but will be pretty much paying what all the newbies will be paying. Suppose I'd be giddy if I sold even close to 4g a month. I wonder how many here sell that much?

    I guess I can understand then. Why wouldn't they just have us at the 4,000 in sales mark to rather than do it by item count? At least then someone making 4,000 in sales couldn't really say they can't afford the monthly fee. For that argument, I'd have to agree. It doesn't make much sense unless they plan on changing the rates they just posted again.

  • airlinetimetables

    I would still ike to know how long the legacy pricing will be locked in.

  • littleonlinestore

    I do find it interesting that most of the ones with the biggest issue about the increase have a small number of items in their store.

    Keep in mind, that if you have a low number of items in your store, your buyer is probably wondering why you have a store at all. You're better off going to a marketplace setting like Bonanzle, or eBay or something similar. There is really no point in even paying $10 a month for 20 items. You're not going to get enough sales to make it worth the expense.

    If you're just using Highwire as another outlet in addition to other outlets, why would you have even paid the 9.95 just for duplicate content on Google? It may not seem like a lot, but it is still $120 a year. Spending all of that just to have a store with 20 items doesn't seem practical when you could have taken that money and bought more stock with it.

    A store with barely any items in it hurts sales as well. If I went to a store with say 10 items, I would think the store was still under construction or something and wouldn't make the purchase. One normally doesn't think a store would consist of just a couple items.

    For larger stores, hosting alone would cost about $10 a month. I use Propay, so I save some with the Merchant account and PCI compliance fees as well. It really only makes sense to even have a separate store if you have enough items and/or getting enough sales to make it worth while.

  • austiners

    A comment not about pricing, but about things that need attention in the newly released version. The navigation and sorting / alphabetization within the View Products area are not working as they should.

    1) View Products > Sort by Category > Select a Parent Category with Subcategories > Click on Title to sort > Go to a letter for which there is more than one page of products > the items on the second and subsequent pages are not in alphabetical order, the page redisplays some items from page one, and never displays other items that should be on the second page. This worked perfectly in the previous version.

    2) Using the Search Box, search for a word that will produce more than one page of results. On the first page of results, select a few items and do a bulk edit. Click on "Save and Exit." You are not returned to the results of your search to move on to the second page to continue your edit. Instead, you have to start the search over again to get back to where you were.

    Thanks,  Susan

  • picturedisc

    not great new to me either. Guess I have to cancel my account..

  • organicgiftsbydiana

    Did I see the possibility of a third tier ???

    That would be great as I make most of my things and do not need more than 200 items and would stay for sure for the $9.95 that we pay now - oh, by the way, did you folks see that if you cross-listed items they count as more than one ?

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