Self-hosted digital file delivery update released




  • organicmechanic



    Just on the day I was wondering what to advise for my photographer friend to sell her amazing work.


    Thanks Highwire for your continuous smart innovation! We all love it!!




  • Paul Shoopman


    When/if will you add the ability for my customers to upload a file to me. With my personalized products, I need a way for my customers to upload the photo to me so I can add it to the item. Currently, they have to email it to me but have asked if I have a link. Is that something you will consider? I know I have asked before but it really would help me out.

     I'm getting ready to start adding products. It would be great if I could add that link to each product page and the file would be linked to the item but I would settle for adding it to one page (homepage). If it was linked to the item, I wouldn't have to guess which order it belongs to.

  • 405media

    As a FYI, this can be accomplished prior to that update (and can be done to any 'Select file' or 'File Upload' dialog box for that matter)

    Simply paste the URL of the image to the "File Name" box, then press open... see screenshot

    This will capture the image and upload it.

  • Tomas

    psdigitalimaging, we don't have any immediate plans to add this feature. We have a lot of projects in the works with priority over this feature so I can't provide a timeline when it will be available. Please submit this in our suggestion box so other members can rank the importance of this request.

    405media, what you suggested has nothing to do with self-hosting. By using the method you described, it will simply download the remote URL to your local computer, then reupload it to Highwire. Highwire will host the file normally as if you just did a standard upload.

    The self-hosting option allows you to bypass the Highwire hosting system and use your own hosted URL's.

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