Highwire Social Store for Facebook now completely Free!




  • littleonlinestore

    For those of us with current stores, is this the Shop page that we can add? So we don't have to do anything more if we've already added that app right?

  • Tomas

    Yes, you can add this app to any existing paid store. This is the same feature we now offer for free. The free version is for Facebook only. There's no hosted site, templates, or using your own URL.

  • 405media

    This different than the "Facebook Integration" that was already there? If not how can we see this new feature? Where is it located?

    Facebook Integr

  • sunrx

    We prefer Twitter to Facebook >next bubble =Social website   ,AOL, IPAD,

  • tiasmenagerie

    I am confused about how to sign up for this, can someone please explain? I tried clicking through the link on the front highwire page, but that looks to me as if it is for signing up for another highwire store?

    So then I search for adding a shop page as littleonlinestore mentions, and I don't find that option anywhere.

    Help please!

  • monkeysuitvintage

    I don't think FB has the tabs anymore going across the top, it's just a link on the side now, so it's lost quite a bit of impact.  :(

  • littleonlinestore


    Here is the link about what we are chatting about: http://support.highwire.com/entries/246179-highwire-facebook-social-store-released

  • girlshorseclothes

    Im with Tia.    At the top of the main HW page, it says "launch a store on facebook".. I click that, click to sign up, and then... it seems to be the info for setting up a regular HW store.   (I end up here.... https://app.highwire.com/signup/?plan=facebook)

    OK, says plan=facebook.    Well, Im a trial and error type... Ill go ahead and give it a try and see what happens. 

    hmm --- it just stayed on processing for a long time, with JavaVoid() (something like that) at lower left of browser window).

  • girlshorseclothes

    Well, even though it seemed to hang and go nowhere, when I tried to do it again, it said the name (what I had filled in to b part of the .highwire url) was already taken.

    I didnt get an email about creating the account

  • girlshorseclothes

    Well, even though it seemed to hang and go nowhere, when I tried to do it again, it said the name (what I had filled in to b part of the .highwire url) was already taken.

    I didnt get an email about creating the account

  • Tomas

    Why are you trying to create a new account? You already have a Highwire account with the Facebook feature.

    All Highwire accounts have had this available since it was released in August last year. We're just announcing that we offer a free version of this now.

  • girlshorseclothes

    For something else :)

    ---Actually, one thing Ill be doing soon is closing my Highwire SlipperSeller account.   My source dried up and I have very little inventory left.      So, seeing this, I thought Id set it up thia way for whatever I have left once I close that Highwire account.   

    Do you see the FB store account I tried to make?  I had it as womens-slippers.highwire.com    (I don't have to have that name... but it was available initially, and then wasnt, even though it didnt seem like anything "happened" when I submitted the info.

  • khangaboutique

    So how can I link my store with my facebook fan business page?

  • Eunice Alemania

    does this mean that my facebook store will only show up once 25 people "like" it?

  • give-great-gifts

    Nice! Thank you, Tomas!

  • MobileSphere

    Where did my SHARE and LIKE button go to? They were there when I first link my FB page and Highwire and when I pulled up one of my products in the store. Now I can't share or like anymore to get these products advertised to my friends. Please help..... http://facebook.com/MobileSphere

  • 405media

    MobileSphere, looks fine... after you are logged in, you dont see the Link button etc (esp since its your page) but I see it

  • MobileSphere

    Thanks @405. Can you suggest a way to post to my FB page the products in my Shop as a way to market them. Since the free shop doesn't have individual pages/links to copy and paste on FB. Any suggestions? And second, isn't Sop suppose to post to the FB Wall when you add a new item to sell?

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    If you Highwire Shop is set up correctly, new items will appear as they are added to your store.   You can see my page at http://www.facebook.com/csbsewsamericangirldollclothes.   I added items to my store today and they are on my Shop tab.


  • MobileSphere


    Not on your Shop tab...mine does that. What I meant is when I add something in my store, it immediately posts to my wall to market it.

  • 405media
    You can setup your accnt to post to twitter then have your twitter linked to Facebook. Post to twitter is in highwire when you add new item. If you have a full highwire accnt and not Facebook only then you can also post to your wall with Facebook links as well as Facebook marketplace
  • wholesomeexpressions

    If facebook store is truly free why has me store been disabled??  My highwire account states my free TRIAL is up  and when I click the link it gives me a pricing option.  I switched thinking this was goig to be so much better for sales.....I have had none since switching and now I find that it wasn't really free. Any answers?



  • papermecrazy

    Highwire is not adding all the fan pages I have so that I can add the store to them.  How do I add a store that highwire is not listing?

  • mycstringbikinis

    Well I linked to my Facebook account that I already had and I don't see any of my product posting as I listed them.


  • charms

    I got 5,000 hits  on day because of the Facebook tool and made $18 from google ads!!!!

  • tiedyedhippy

    I have a free Highwire account already. I've integrated with the Facebook app. How do I make use of the ability to have 100 products? It's still limiting me to what appears to be 9 products.

  • charms

    I've integrated my facebook page a number of times and yet I do not see the Highwire store icon.  How do I get the shopping Icon to show up?

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