Highwire mobile app for iPhone now available!




  • Jenifer Germer

    downloading it now.

  • shopmetro
    Awesome! I know this will work on the iPad, but will Be in a smaller scale. Do you plan on making an iPad version too?
  • designs-squared


  • japantech

    Excellent tool!! Specially if you are on the go, away from your PC, almost all day  (^^)

    Visit us at http://japantech.highwire.com/

  • thelittlecandleshop
    Nice! I posted a review -- nice start --can't wait to see the updates!!
  • Jason McLellan

    Great. Been waiting for this!  Will be downloading tonight. 

  • Tomas

    Let's hear some feedback on how the app is working for you!

  • designs-squared

    I wish the app had the capability to see the order notes, and the details of the order (ie variants/options and the configurable fields that go with each item)

    I still have to go to a computer and login to check all this pertinent info as the fields aren't in the app, and the email confirmations don't show the full field.

    Also would be nice if under the sales stats where it breaks down the sales by day/week/moth/year - if those could be click able fields that would then list the orders that fall into those categories. Because as of right now I can only see orders placed today, unless I know customer order info to search for it.

    Would also like the ability to update a order label from the app and add tracking info.

    Thanks! It's a great start for the app.



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  • austiners

    I've downloaded the iPhone app -- works great and I'm really pleased to have it. I used it today to check an order. My wish: on the order details, please display the items remaining in stock so that I can more easily update other sites. Otherwise -- love it!

    Susan, Austiners    www.austiners.com

  • Sima Arora

    Good first version, although quite simplistic in terms of features offered. Would love to see updates with more comprehensive features added to manage the store. Also, I would like to notify an issue : I am not getting push notifications for Orders submitted on my site. No problems with my phone because I am getting push notifications from Paypal for the payments received. And, before you ask...yes, i did select yes when asked that the app would like to send me push notifications.

    Mantra Fine Arts

    Site : www.MantraFineArts.com

  • thelittlecandleshop

    Would love to see more filtering capabilities within this application for searching orders:


    * Ability to search by Date Range (ex. show all orders between 10/1/2010 - 12/31/2010)

    * Ability to search by a range of order numbers (ex. show all orders between #1000 and #1500)

    * Ability to search for orders by a range of values (ex. show all orders greater than $100)

    * Ability to search for orders by Region (ex. city, state)


    Note: The Push Notification doesn't seem to be working -- I received an order today and only got notification by email...

  • thelittlecandleshop
    It would also be great to click and view the orders behind the 'Order Statistics'...
  • julujewelry

    i would love to see beyond the current day's orders..

  • landersantiques

    The app needs a lot more, just having a sales report does not do much. More interaction with me account is needed.

  • jody hoover

    It's a start...
    Would love to see real interaction - something similar to how we can actually list items, even using a template, on eBay, with Iwascoding's GarageSale for iPhone & Ipad. 

  • Maureen Rouse



    I understand that this thread is just over 2 years old, but I am unable to download the highwire mobile app from the itunes store. Itunes states that the app is not available in the US.

  • Gillian Whear

    Hi there, we could not locate it in Australia either, is the app still available?

  • Melinda Shanley

    Same issue - when I click the link, it says the app is not available in the US. I searched the app store, but can't seem to find it. Did you remove it?

  • Cathy Bechayda

    App not available in us? Any updates on this?

  • Crystal Sanchez
    Still unavailable in the us. An app would make everyone's life easier. Please make it available !!

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