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  • csbsewsdollclothes

    The updates to the theme editor are amazing.   Can't wait to see what you offer in the Theme store.  




  • epa

    I don't comment much, but I like this.....

  • epa

    What happened to the custom checkout css? Is there no way to edit that now?

  • Tomas

    The custom checkout CSS is now located under the "styles". You can launch the template editor and edit the "checkout.css".

  • vielerabathbody

    How do you apply a new theme? I go into the theme store but don't see an option anywhere to switch to another theme.

  • julujewelry

    How do I change the "about us" link right there under the logo in the smashing green theme? I thought that link changed with the pages for easier navigation. Now it's a static "about me" link.

  • Tomas

    "How do you apply a new theme?"

    When you are on the theme store and viewing a theme, just click the "Use this theme" button. You'll be redirected to the admin to confirm the installation.

    "How do I change the "about us" link"

    The menu is built using the links in your menu builder. You can change this from the admin, or modify the header snippet in your template.

  • tdu

    I am having trouble editing the template appearance. Before I just uploaded my own pictures to and changed the picture URL in the 'template settings'

    I don't know a lot about HTML and so changing the template colours and appearence (including the text) is no where as easy as before.

    If you could please give me some assistance with changing the template I would really appreciate that! I have all the template pictures such as the bg I just need to know how to replace them with the old ones in the template.

    Like I said, it worked before this new change, but the template has now reverted back to its original appearance. Thanks!

  • designmycart


    We've been studying the new template method and have run into a few issues.

    1. When downloading a template from the store admin there are 2 mismatched file/folder names. The zip downloads with a "theme_assets" folder but will not upload unless that folder is named "assets". Also, the productresults.html file downloads as productlist.html and isn't accepted on upload.

    2. When downloading a template from the store admin the zip file is structured as a folder within a folder so it requires unzipping and then rezipping just the assets folder and html files before it will be accepted by the theme uploader.

    3. The theme uploader will not accept a template package unless the file folder is named "assets", however, traditional links need to point to the folder named "theme_assets".

  • designmycart

    I guess all in all the simplest thing is to ask ... is there a reason for the mismatched naming of the folders and the productresults.html file?

    I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination but it seems to me that it would make more sense to have the folder and file names coincide across the theme store downloads and the store admin downloads.

  • vielerabathbody

    Alright so to apply a new theme is simple but I was using Opera platform to go online and when you are viewing themes in the store it does not have the  "use this theme" option. Also in Opera the entire page is all over the place. I tried the theme store through Firefox and everything works and looks perfect.

  • vielerabathbody

    Before updates were made to the themes I could easily edit the information in the very bottom left corner where it says "(c) 2011 All Rights reserved All prices shown are USD. " but now I can no longer find the coding anywhere to edit that info. How can I edit it, and in which file(s) would it be in?

  • tdu

    Just worked out how to change the appearance, so ignore the comment I made above.

    I must say though, the new update is outstanding! Nice work! Look forward to more updates as good as this in the future!

  • Tomas

    " is there a reason for the mismatched naming of the folders and the productresults.html file?"

    No, this has now been corrected.

    Before updates were made to the themes I could easily edit the information in the very bottom left corner where it says "(c) 2011 All Rights reserved All prices shown are USD. "

    Footers are now placed in snippets. You can launch the template editor and edit the "footer" snippet.

  • jessandlizzie

    Just wondering when the premium paid templates will be available?  Do I continue to work with the store template I am using or wait until the new templates are available?  I am keen to get my site up asap but am struggling to get it to look just that little bit special.


  • designmycart

    We've found more issues with the template upload/download system, Tomas.

    1. When downloading from the store admin we now get a assets and a theme_assets folder. Custom checkout.css isn't being downloaded but the stock checkout.css is being downloaded and is the only file in the theme_assets folder.

    2. When uploading a theme the folder named assets gets renamed to theme_assets.

        It seems that when uploading the theme_assets folder with the checkout.css it is getting ignored because once the theme installation completes there is no checkout.css file.

  • Tomas

    Thanks Teri & Jeri!

    The checkout CSS should now be included in the "assets" directory as it should be. There should not be a "theme_assets" folder.

  • designmycart

    That fixed it Tomas! But now we need clarification... custom checkout appears to still be on test stores we have not messed with, however, when we download a custom template that has custom checkout and then turn around and upload it, the custom checkout css is getting overwritten with the stock css.

    Does this mean custom checkout.css is no longer allowed via the one click upload method of installing templates? Also, when attempting to overwrite the checkout.css with our own by uploading via the file browser it still doesn't have any affect. Oh, and trying to edit via the template editor also has no effect.

    Just wanted to know if we are wasting our time trying to accomplish custom checkout if you have deliberately made it so that stock overrides it. :)

  • designmycart


    We have some custom work we need to finish up and need clarification on this. Custom checkout css is not being applied by any method we attempt. Is it no longer an option?

  • Paul Shoopman

    How do I get my custom theme back? I have no idea how to use HTML or css. I had my store set up to match mymain photography website and now it's bright orange. There is no theme that even comes close to what I had. I can't afford to pay someone to do it for me. I can't believe this happened! Therer should st least be an option for those of us that don't have the HTML training. I was very happy with the way it was.

  • vielerabathbody

    Well I think I got everything figured out! Now that I understand how things are working with the new changes(thanks to your wonderful help), I am extremely delighted with the new updates to the themes. Thanks a bunch!


  • Tomas


    Please open a ticket and provide some details about your previous theme settings and we'll assist you to restore it the way it was.

  • Tomas

    Vielera, your customization looks great! Very clean, well done!

  • Paul Shoopman

    Thanks Tomas. Sorry if I sounded upset but I was having a bad day and that was the last thing I looked at before I went to bed. That just topped the whole week off. I apologize.

    I would do it myself if I understood how. I went on there and looked at it but I can't figure out how to do it. I will post a link to my website in the ticket. I was going to start adding products to my store and finish it but when I saw that it had changed, I put it on hold again. I would like to finish it and officially open. I just want to make this site match the other one. Not that much work, just change the background and font colors. That's why I liked the other way of editing. It was perfect for someone like me that doesn't know HTML/CSS. I'm going to try to learn it too but for now I appreciate the help.


  • Peter Belsito

    I like the Smashing Slate template, but it doesn't have a collapsible category menu. My site is an art gallery and I have dozens and dozens of sub categories. Can you add the collapsible category menu to it?  -- ukiyoegallery.com

  • finderscreepers

    I would also like to add the collapsible category menu to our site - we are also an art gallery. Our site looks silly with such a long listed menu on the side. 

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