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  • csbsewsdollclothes

    I use one of these themes as part of my custom template.   My question is this ... if I want to use one of the new supported templates in my custom template can I do that by changing the pink-purple css file in my custom template to one of the new ones?  If not, how can I use one of the new templates in my custom template?    Or is it a matter of saving the old and starting over with the new?

  • Tomas

    If you are using a custom template, updates won't matter anyways. The templates above won't be updated in any way in the future. 

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Thanks for the reply, Tomas.

    I was thinking that I might want to change to one of the new templates, and was wondering what the procedure would be so that I could incorporate all my customized features. (which really aren't that many, but some I do want to keep).


  • littleonlinestore


    The only way to have customizations while using a supported template would be to have them in the TEXT sections only.

    In order to make any changes to the existing templates outside of the text areas, you need a custom template.



    To those of us using custom templates, will there be a location where we can see all of the new enhancements and adjustments? Some of the sellers aren't able to check out the forums often, so having one place for all of the template additions would be great.

  • girlshorseclothes

    will there be a location where we can see all of the new enhancements and adjustments?


    That would be GREAT.  Even after its announced, it would be GREAT to have a place in the documentation where all the code for all the enhancements/adjusted is recorded and accessible.   Id love to have the date along with it... which I think would also be helpful for newer users, and users who changed to a custom template as of a certain time

    Ive been using a custom template for at least 2 years, and many great new things have been added.   In some cases, I have not had intrest in the new feature at the time, and thus have not added the code for it.    BUT, things change, and I might want to add it in the future.


  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Little OnLine Store,

    Yes I understand about customized templates, as I have had a customized template for some time.   And I will continue to use a customized template, but I may want to base it on one of the newer designs when they are released.  (My current customized template is based on a Highwire Style Sheet and css).  So what I need to know is this:  If, among the many new templates Tomas is promising, I find one I like, - can I replace the stylesheet in my current customized template (this is the purple-pink css Stylesheet), or do I have to start over completely customizing a new template if I wanted to use one of the new ones?   


  • littleonlinestore

    OK, now I get it :)

    It would depend on whether the template you wanted to use had a different layout than the template you are currently using. For example, some of the older templates used the same page files (home, about us, etc.). Then, they had different layout files and css files. The css file handles the color scheme, and the layout file controlled the column widths and such.

    I think the template you are using now does not have a layout file. So, they aren't similar to the older templates that have a css file along with a layout file and then they work off of the same base page files.

    Since the likelihood that a new template you'd like would have the same layout as you currently have, you'd have to use new base page files (home, about us and so on) with a new css file and layout file if there is one. That would mean exporting your current template, and then doing the whole cut and paste of the areas that you wanted to move over. I am not sure if the new templates will have separate layout files.

    I am not trying to talk down to anyone, I just don't know how much background you have with the templates. I am also adding more info in case there are others reading this that are having a hard time understanding how the templates are setup.

    If they do use separate layout and css files for new templates and keep the same base pages as before, anyone using one of the older themes will just have to change layout and css files.

  • littleonlinestore

    Now that I think about it more, I think those newer templates had the layout css file and the color scheme css file all in one file. Therefore, you might be able to just change the style sheet files and leave the base templates alone.

    Yeah, I screw up so much. I hate not being able to edit cause then everyone sees how clueless I am...ugh.

    **So, when I say "css" in the above post, it should be "color scheme". I know the layout files are css files to, so not sure what I was thinking. Not that it's anything new. Yes, I just fake my way through

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    Thanks for your thoughts.   And I agree with your ideas as far as I understand the templates.   Bottom line is, if I like one of the new templates, I will do a new download of my customized template, and play with the files, trying perview versions..    I wish there was a place we could do this without destroying our current template.   I know we can save a draft version if we are editing a current customized template, but I don't think that would work if we downloaded a completely new template.   

    Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.   And maybe the new ones will not tempt me...


  • littleonlinestore

    Thanks for understanding my

    The main thing to remember is to not change to a Highwire theme until you've tried to switch out the layout and color scheme files with your current theme css file.

    I'm sure Jennifer and Tomas know if the pages were kept the same and just the theme css file was all that was changed.

    I used to do simple template adjustments for members for free, but then they wanted me to do custom backgrounds, logos and avatars, and it just got silly.

    Your store looks very nice though. The pink template works great.

  • rokasia

    Hello, I looked at my store today and my background has vanished. It used to be nice and hot pink which faded down in to a pattern. This is all I wanted and its gone. I have asked support for help but they do not know what to do. Feeling pretty let down.

    There used to be a button in 'appearance' to upload your own background etc, but thats gone. How do I do this now??? Its completely ruined :(

    Can anybody please help?

  • girlshorseclothes

    Hi Rosasia.

    I guessed that your store would be at, and did find it there.    (Its always nice to include a url to make it easier for the people who are willing to help you.

    I also do not see any pink background. I think Rokasia looks great the way it is.    That doesnt satisfy why your image isnt there, but I wouldnt call it ruined.

    Were you referring to another store, perhaps?

    ---I did poke through your code and could not see anything that might be the reason (which doesnt mean all that much!) 

  • rokasia

    Hello Girlshorseclothes,

    This is the first time (well second time now) that I have ever posted a comment on here, so apologies for not including the shop link.

    Yes it is

    See the background is a dark blue/dark grey? Well yesterday/day before it was always my own custom background. Was very flashy and I had made it myself. Highwire used to have an upload area in Appearance design to insert a link to your background image and then it would use that.

    However, it now seems to be using "syle-41.css" and I can not edit that at all and the option has vanished. It used to look pretty amazing but now looks a little bland.

    Any idea? Thank you for the help.

    p.s: is it possible to upload custom .css files?


  • rokasia

    Hello again,

    See this link:

    See at the botton is says Main Background URL <--- thats what is now missing!!!!!!!!

    Any ideas anyone?


  • littleonlinestore

    They are working with the templates, so it may be that they are needing to make adjustments. The option might come back or you would need to change to a custom theme.

    You should send a support ticket if Tomas doesn't chime in here. He will let us know if theme customizations will still be allowed or if they will be removing the option permanently.

    If I were you, I would just wait for Tomas or do the support ticket rather than change to a custom template. Unless they say that they will no longer be allowing the customizations. The option to modify a theme is missing for me as well.

    If they say the modify option will be gone, you would have to go to a custom theme in order to change the background.

  • Tomas


    If you submit a ticket with your details and attach your custom background, I'll gladly help you apply this to a custom template. I've already applied this theme as a custom template and you can now edit the "main.css" file through the file browser or template editor.

  • rokasia

    Hello Littleonlinestore and Tomas!!

    Thank you VERY VERY much for allowing me to edit the main.css.

    Through this I changed the header and the background.

    If you take a look at you will see how it looks now.

    Sooo much better and back to the way it was before. Thank you very much again!! :)



  • rokasia

    p.s Tomas, forgot to say, will I now always be able to edit the main.css or will I lose this special power at some point?

  • Tomas

    You'll always be able to edit that. With the new template process, we'll be making it much easier to access the CSS and html of existing themes.

  • pawfectpetcollars

    It would be so appreciated if someone would respond to my help ticket regarding the changes to my stores theme.  For some reason it has been changed to a blue theme, a change I did not make. I don't see my previous theme listed as one of the discontinued ones, but I also don't see it as an available one either. Therefore I cannot fix myself. How would my theme be changed? I certainly didn't do it. My store actually looks ridiculous now because my old theme had the featured items down the side and I added product links to the body of the page. Now I have featured items in the body as well as my additonal products below. I am really unhappy and frustrated!!  Help please!


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