Additional country support has been added




  • Dalimara Com

    Thank you very much for adding this feature.

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Fantastic! Thanks, Tomas!

  • littleonlinestore

    Does anyone know if there are any legalities for adding taxes to countries? I was thinking it may be a way to add a bit to cover the extra shipping for those of us using calculated shipping.

    Also, anyone have any good references for customs requirements for the countries?

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Why not use the Carrier Shipping Modification option to add a "handling fee" for your International shipments? I use Flat Rate for domestic and calculated for International, and I also use that modification to add a handling fee. It applies the modification to just the calculated shipping and my Flat Rate fees are unaffected.

    As far as references for custom requirements country by country? USPS would be my first suggestion. pops up a list every time I print an International label (altho that is a bit after the

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Actually, if you aren't using Flat Rate shipping, the Carrier Shipping Modification setting would probably apply whatever you "add" to your domestic shipping calc's also...

  • austiners

    I modified my settings to use the "Rest of the World" option instead of the long listing I had in place previously. However, I now see that on my cart page, the default location is Afghanistan. Before I made this change, United States was the default listing, followed by Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, followed by the rest. How do I get back to this custom order? Do I need to delete "Rest of the World" and go back to selecting countries individually?


  • stonehillcollectibles

    Afghanistan???   Yikes!  

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Susan, I also enabled "Rest of the World" (anything that saves time is high on my list). I just walked partway through checkout in my store, and mine is still defaulting to United States. Sounds like you need Tomas!!

  • Tomas

    When using the "Rest of the world" option, there is no way to default the sorting of the countries. 

    You can make US a default option on your cart page by modifying your template code. Here's an example:

    <option value="{{ $country.code }}"{{ #if($country.code == "US") }} selected{{ #end }}>{{ $ }}</option>

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Tomas, as an alternative to modifying the code, could we just move United States to the top of the "Your Supported Countries" list?

  • Cassey Ho

    Do we have Croatia there on the list ?

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