Highwire Commerce app for Android now available!




  • happyshoppershack

    Cool :)

  • girlshorseclothes

    Im going to download it as soon as my hubby walks in the door with his Droid.   (I was already looking into getting one for myself earlier today!)

    So.... can  ya clarify this???

    Storename: yourstorename
    Username: admin
    Password: yourpassword

    Your store name would be yourstorename.highwire.com

    For Storename... are you saying to put JUST yourstorename (as it apears in the url) or are you saying to put the entire url?

    For Username --- I always enter yourstorename ... should it be that, or should it actually, literally be admin?


  • littleonlinestore

    All these apps are making me feel so outdate....lol Thanks though :)

  • Katrina Owen

    woo hoo I found the app. It was there this afternoon.

  • ecigswarehouseaustralia

    wow great stuff. Will there be anything for the symbian users? nokia etc?

  • girlshorseclothes

    Woo hoo!   The test order shown above was placed on my 40th Birthday!!!!  

    So..... What do I win???????

  • Taner Talat


  • wickitcoolcandles
    It's working. Whoo hoo
  • Tomas

    At this time, we only have plans to release Android and iPhone versions.

  • Tomas

    For your account you would enter:

    storename: girlshorseclothes
    username: admin
    password: yourpassword

    You win a brand new shiny Android app! :) 

  • barnhousemarket

    This is awesome!  Keep up the good work!!

  • Sima Arora

    Any updates on the iPhone version of the app? Am eagerly waiting for it.

  • myautooutfitters

    Nice Tomas,

    Just got a Droid phone. 

    Thanks , Mike

  • Tomas

    xl3, please try logging in again. I added some logging for failed authorization attempts to capture what what you are submitting.

  • mydiscountbridal

    since we don't use the same login as our stores...

    entering "ADMIN" as the username instead of our USERNAME which we normally log in with...


    Why not just the "store name" plus the "admin account's password"?


    More Stupid Redundancy..

    Why not add 7 more fields where we enter info that is NOT unique to our account?

    Just For FUN!!


  • Tomas

    We're just waiting on Apple to approve it! They aren't quite as quick as Google. ;)

    Don't forget to give the Highwire App a rating on the Google Market! :)

  • myautooutfitters


    Just installed, this is what it says

    RunTime Error


    message: type error: cannot call method "execute" of null


  • Tomas

    xl3, I saw your login attempts and you are entering your login incorrectly. You need to enter:

    storename: xl3vintageclothing
    username: admin
    password: yourpassword

  • mydiscountbridal

    This ADMIN problem, is more PRIVILEDGED Info.. That TOMAS knows... and ASSUMES the rest of us KNOW IT TOO...

    That is My Biggest Complaint About Highwire..

    Something To Consider, How much time would you & support save by NOT BEING VAGUE & writing a proper description the 1st time?



  • allofthelights

    I can't see it on the Android Market.

    Is this application only for US & Canada or something?

  • stuff4sale

    Thomas will you be able to add products on the fly with this app? What I had in mind was to be able to take picture of the product and post it right away via app. Any support for Blackberry?

  • xl3vintageclothing

    I've just tried several times with the same result

  • mydiscountbridal

    Katrina, some older versions of android OS, Do not show apps that are designed for NEWER versions of android..

    I looked it up on my OLD plexon 10" android tablet that runs android 1.6.. and NO RESULTS.. However on my Android 2.3 Droid X it shows up.

    maybe this is your issue..


  • Tomas

    We are happy to announce the Highwire Mobile app for the iPhone is now released!


  • Tomas

    Hey Mike! I see you authorized your account. It it working fine now?

    stuff4sale, Eventually, we may add some additional functionality but not immediately. We only have plans for Android and iPhone devices at this time.

  • xl3vintageclothing

    I just  got in but I think this morning I tried this way and it didn't work.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Katrina Owen

    Yeah I'm talking to my phone company. They are trying to get it to work if not I might just have to buy myself a new phone. Poor me lol

  • xl3vintageclothing

    Hi Thomas

    I just downloaded the app, and I entered my correct store name, user name and password and I'm getting a error message "Unable to validate your login. Please try again"

  • Katrina Owen

    i just went to the android market and searched "highwire' but with no " of course. and it says there's no app with that name :(

  • Katrina Owen

    Ok yep I have the 1.6.1 so it wont run. So I have a new phone on the way :-) Thank you Thomas for giving me a reason to buy a new phone

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