Added functionality for Order Labels & Order Status




  • Karen Sherrouse


    This is a nice enhancement to the label and shipping e-mail program.  I will certainly use this.

  • julujewelry

    Loving the frequent improvements! keep em coming! :)

  • warehousedirectllc

    Maybe a bing feed next =)

  • shopmetro

    I used to email my customers individually with a tracking number.  Now with the enhancements, it will be quicker and I won't have to complete as many steps!  Thank you for this update!  I am sure it will be quite useful - especially with the holidays coming up!

    Thanks again Thomas!

    Susanne @ Shop Metro Now



  • austiners

    This is a wonderful enhancement which will save many steps in the shipping process. One thing that I want is for the actual products ordered to be included in the Order Update Notification email. I have customers who place orders within a couple of days of previous orders and I want to be clear about what is in the shipped packages.

    I have been trying to use this code to get a list of the products in the order:

    #foreach($Item in $OrderItems)
    $Item.Quantity x $Item.ProductTitle

    At least with the test message, I get no list of products.

    Has anyone been successful in including a list of the products shipped in the order update notification message? Is there a different code I should be using?




  • Tomas

    All of your variables for your email templates should now be lowercase:


    #foreach($Item in $OrderItems)
    $Item.Quantity x $Item.ProductTitle


    Should be:


    #foreach($item in $orderitems)
    $item.quantity x $item.productTitle

  • Shelly Wing

    How does a customer get to their account page?

  • pillowgame


    If the customers bought the item with out creating the accountwith us, can they be able to check the order status? for exapmple by type in the order # and email address

  • Tomas

    They must be registered and logged in to check an order status.

  • pillowgame

    Can anyone please let me know how to integrate the order history page to the custom template.
    I could not find the code.
    Thank you

  • pillowgame

    How come the order history is not showing on my website. I am currently using a custom template.
    Thank you

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