Enhancements made to shipping adjustments & functionality




  • shopmetro

    This is great!  Thanks for adding the new updated feature!

  • stonehillcollectibles

    Tomas, this is great....   But...do you have any plans that would allow us to distinguish between Domestic and International? For example... I offer free shipping on purchases over $50 domestic but over $100 on International... and currently I'm using discount codes to accomplish that.  International shipping is so much more expensive that I have to require my international customers to spend more to get free shipping...

  • Katrina Owen

    That is a great addition. One thing I am REALLY hoping for in the future is an "Oversized" Package option. Like on the usps web site. I have some things that way about 20 but are huge. So I have them set at a higher weight at the moment to get the right shipping. It ends up close but never the right number. :) Thanks again for the great work Thomas

  • WendyLous Natural Bath

    Wow, thank you! I've been wanting the ability to offer flat rate per order total and now it's here.

  • shopmetro

    I am trying to use the new feature, but I do not see a screen like yours above.  I can enter ranges, but it does not have Domestic, International and custom tabs.  Nor does it have a place for a handling charge like in your picture.  Has this rolled out completely yet?

  • pillowgame

    So is there a way to set up free shipping for Domestic spend over $100 but international shipping still stay the same?

    Thank you

  • WendyLous Natural Bath

    ShopMetro - I was confused with this as well.  The top screen shot is on each of your individual products shipping page, where the bottom screen shot is from your Shipping Settings on the Main tab in your dashboard (which you already know). 

  • shopmetro

    @Pillowgame - I was wondering the same thing.  However, my screens aren't updated and not showing Thomas' improvement.  So, I can't test it to see if it will do $X.XX for Free Domestic Shipping.

  • shopmetro

    Wendy - THANK YOU!!!  I was confused until you explained that!

  • shopmetro

    Ok, TIP for those who want to set up Fixed Rates that are tiered, but ALSO want to offer FREE Shipping on certain items domestic only.


    For example, I sell jewelry that is lightweight and want to offer free shipping to the continental US. 

    I went under the item, shipping tab, and chose flat rate and adjusted it by a NEGATIVE dollar amount (i.e. -8.00) and it made the pair of earrings show up as free standard shipping, and they could upgrade to express mail for an additional price.  I set the express mail price under the settings section (not under the individual item settings). International flat rates did not change to free either.


    Hope this helps.

  • girlshorseclothes

    It LOOKS to me like if you want to charge based on weight or based on the exact item, you can go ahead and fill in the Shipping details (within the product) with amounts OTHER THAN 0.

    So, for example.... Set (the Flat rate shipping amounts, the screen tomas shows at the top) to 0.00 for Domestic.    BUT, fill in some amount there for International.     That amount would then be charged in addition to the rate for the price range.  

    So, you could display the shipping rate chart to your customers, with a note at the bottom "Add 5$ per item for international customers".  (Set Intl Primary Shipping fee to 5$, and set intl  "additional item shipping fee" to 5$)

    OR, you could state it as "Add 10$ for addresses outside the US".  (Set Intl Primary Shipping fee to 10$, and set intl "additional item shipping fee" to 0$ for every item)


    This will also let you specify (in your description) that an item requires an additional shipping charge of (say) 10$.   (Set Primary shipping fee to 10$).    The 10 will then be added to whatever the shipping rate charge ends up being.

    Ta Da!

  • girlshorseclothes

    Once again... Ill toss out my own 52 cents on shipping charges.   

    I recommend coming up with something that you can EXPLAIN BRIEFLY to customers visiting your site.     This isn't ebay, so no one is going to report you for charging excess shipping, NOR is anyone going to be asked to rate how much you charged for shipping.

    People ARE going to want to know what they are looking at for shipping EARLY in the process.    People look for info about shipping charges before spending their time shopping from a particular site.  (rather than wasting their time choosing items, and then finding out the site charges super high shipping)

    So, I highly reccomend coming up with something that mostly works out for you, but is not complex or complicated, nor depends on which specific items are ordered - so that you can Communicate to your site's visitors in, say, 10 words or less.   (or a chart like the above)

    Im currently using "1st item ships for 3$, each additional for 1$"     SURE, I sometimes pay less postage than they paid in shipping, and sometimes I pay more.      (I DO have some items specified for higher shipping... perhaps 7% of my items.   So, I have an eye-catching graphic showing the 3$/1$, with a note below it *Most items - click for more info

    On the "more info" page it states "Some toys and xxxx require an additional shipping charge, as noted in their description"

  • madejust4you

    I'm just about ready to go ahead with my store after trialing it for a few days, but when I go to check out, in the shipping window it reads "standard shipping $0" along with the correct shipping figure that I have entered in the setup, giving the purchaser an option to select that and not pay for shipping, how do I get rid of it


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