Highwire Facebook Social store released.




  • Michael Gilmer

    Tomas, you sir are a giant amongst men!

     Nice work!  :)

    Here is a link to my profile shop - http://www.facebook.com/galacticstone?v=app_137036186323012

    Will the full release have a way to tweak the default category view, item sort, etc?

    Thanks again, this is a great app! 

  • Diana Farquhar

    Very cool!  I've got to get started on this right away. 

    Billy yours is working well, looks great!        Galactic yours is hidden since I'm not your friend  = (



  • Tomas

    You can add this to your pages as well.


    Click on the "Add to my page" link on the left. Once you've added it to your page, edit your page, click edit under Highwire Commerce to assign the Facebook Key to your page.

  • Michael Gilmer

    Hi Billy (CNC),

    Yes, my privacy settings are set to "friends only".  I have over 2000 friends, so it's not much of an issue.  I do this to keep a few nosy competitors from spying on my promotions.  LOL

    Send me a friend request and I would be happy to add you or anyone else reading this.  :)

    Best regards,

    MikeG (Galactic Stone & Ironworks)

  • Michael Gilmer


    If we have more than one Facebook page (personal profile, fan/business page, group), is there any way we can add the tab to all of our pages?  I'm the opposite of Billy with this one, I'd rather have it on my personal page because that is where I concentrate my time on FB.  But it would be nice to also have it on my fan page and group page.  But, if I could only pick one, I'd have it on my personal profile where it is now.  :)

    Best regards,


  • Tomas

    Sure, you can add it to as many pages or profiles as you'd like :)

  • Michael Gilmer

    Hi Tomas,

    When I try to add it to these two pages, it doesn't show up on the list of available tabs.



    But those are just icing on the cake, it's up and working where it counts. :)

    Best regards,


    PS - I changed my privacy settings to "everyone", to see if that had some effect, but it didn't.

  • Diana Farquhar

    I did it Tomas- Gee I feel like such a big girl now!  I didn't even have to ask for your help this time.  = ) 


  • cncjewelry


    On the Business Fan Page I have searched high and low for the highwire app. It is not showing up yet. But as soon as I find it on the Fan Page It will add it and then I can add the tab on the discussion. I will keep searching until it shows up.

    Boy it looks great on the personal page. I will keep posting posting on my business page to go to the profile page to fiind it.


    CNC Jewelry

  • bathingbeauty

    I may be a missing something, but I added my store to my personal page fine. Then when I added it to my business page it says this after clicking on the tab.

    The Highwire Commerce store requested is not associated with the current Facebook profile or fan page. Please edit your application settings and update your Facebook key.

  • jubilee

    I'm having the same problem.  Added it to my personal profile just fine.  The tab is added to my business page but this is the message that displays when the tab is clicked:

    The Highwire Commerce store requested is not associated with the current Facebook profile or fan page. Please edit your application settings and update your Facebook key.

  • cncjewelry

    How did you two get the highwire commerce tab. I cannot find it in the fan page to add it to the tab. Personal profile is great but I want mine on the fan page.


    CNC Jewelry

  • csbsewsdollclothes

    I'm getting the same message when I try to add it to my Fan Page.   "store requested is not associated with current Facebook profile or fan page..."

    But the set up on my Personal page was EASY and it looks beautiful.   Hope we can get this on our Fan pages soon.


  • csbsewsdollclothes

    I was able to add the tab to my Fan Page in addition to my Personal Page.   Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=137036186323012 and click on Add to my Page.   Then go to your Facebook Fan Page and select Edit Page.  Under Applications select "add this tab..".  If you get the message referenced above go back to the BISI  Marketing Tab and get your Facebook Key and reenter it.  

    I now have the shop tab active on both my personal and fan page.   This is WONDERFUL...

  • bathingbeauty

    Okay I got it!    Wheee was it a lot of work too..... not really! You have to go to the highwire app, then click on add to page. Then you have to go to your page and click on edit page. Then you scroll down to the highwire app and click on edit. A page will pop up for you to enter you key, save it. Then go back to your edit page again and click on the application settings. It will say available, you need to add it. Then your done.

    Not to shabby for me just poking around.

  • bathingbeauty

    Whoops I was typing as you were csbsewsdollclothes. I think you directions are more clear.

  • jmart

    I got my up and running without any trouble, great deal for all of us, Thanks

    Jmart Store


  • Michael Gilmer

    Sweet!  I got it.  I now have it working on my personal and fan page! :)

    I just wasn't going to the right place previously.  I was trying to add it from my page itself, and not using the "add to my page" link from the application page.  Now it works.  :)

  • jubilee

    Up and running for me now too!  Yippee!!! 

    The step that I missed was that after you add the application to your business page,  you need to click on "edit your page" and then add the key again.

  • austiners

    Here's mine:


    Now, to set up some Facebook ads!

    Wonderful new functionality!



  • yourpetstorewithmore

    CSBSews, thanks for the instructions on adding it to my fan page!  Sooooo helpful and now I got it up.  Yay! I'm soooo excited.  Thank you Tomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • myautooutfitters

    Tomas this is great! Easy instructions for the main facebook profile, but was a little confusing getting the additional pages to show the Shop tab. We got it! Looks good.   One problem I think I discovered.  When I click on any of our items that have variants with options the photo will not change to show the option or style you are clicking on.  It will allow you to select from different options, but you cannot see what it looks like.  It stays with the default photo of the item and will not change.  I have gone back and forth from our actual highwire store to the intgergrated facebook link and it works fine on the highwire page but just not on the facebook Shop page.  Other than that this will be great. I will email you also. Mike      MyAutoOutfitters.com 

  • kingdom-death

    Ok! I am all site up and I eagerly await being able to add it to a facebook page where my fans are. I have not tested it out yet, but perhaps tomorrow.

  • susan berry

    Looks great and very easy to set up. Thanx so much!


  • dishesanddoodads


    This was super easy to set up on my personal page! Will try to add to one of my business pages later. This gives me new motivation for the holiday season as I wasgoing to work on shutting this store down in Sept.

    Thank you Tomas for such an awesome feature!

    Dishes and Doodads

    Gail's Good Things at The Collectibles Store

    Gail's Good Things at The Glass and Pottery Co-Op

    Dishes and Doodads Blog

    McGregor Inn Motel

  • austiners

    My page is here:

    Why is it that my shop seems to be crowded in the middle of the page, between the right and left columns? The others I've seen don't have the right and left columns and do not appear as crowded.
    How do I fix this?
  • csbsewsdollclothes

    The page looks more spread out on my personal Facebook Page.  On my Fan Page it appears in the middle between the two columns.  This is probably a restraint by Facebook.   When I looked at yours however it seemed spread out.



    http://www.facebook.com/csbsewsamericangirldollclothes (my Fan Page).

  • yourpetstorewithmore

    Here's mine:http://www.facebook.com/yourpetstorewithmore?v=app_137036186323012


    Would love some new fans when you get there. :=)

  • Katrina Owen

    Very nice. Love this addition. :-) here's my link   http://www.facebook.com/MsKitty39?v=app_137036186323012

  • girlshorseclothes


    I added it too.   II do like it, thanks


    1.  Since it really "should" be on business pages, perhaps you could add the directions for doing so to the instructions you have a link to in the initial post here.  (Otherwise, lots of us will be going in the same circles trying to find how to do it)  

    And, add it as one of the FAQs on the application screen (those are very nice, BTW!)

    #2   I'd love it if the catagories with nothing in them did not show in the browse catagories list. 

    #3   Id really like to see the wording "View Cart" stay on the page after an item is added to it.    I know the way to get there is to click ....X Items in Cart....      But, a very good portion of my market is not as saavy as to realize that.      

    I see "View Cart" IS there, but is replaced once something is added to the cart.    Maybe replace "You have" with "View"  (So it would say "View 2 items in your cart" )

    Thank you,


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