Unsolicited calls from "Ecommerce Positioning"




  • myautooutfitters

    Thanks for the heads up Tomas.

  • glitterfulfeltstories

    Thanks Tomas, I wish I had seen this before I took their call. They told me they were with highwire on my machine, and when I called them back they told me..."oh..no we are just calling in regards to highwire." Only after they wasted an hour of my time.

  • Jodie Thompson

    They called me too, but the girl on the line was very unprofessional and when I told her I didn't need SEO help, she laughed - I quickly got off the line. I was annoyed with the call, but am glad to know Highwire isn't making unwanted calls.

  • infinitebling

    Does anyone want to supply the area code so I know if I should return the call?    Has highwire placed any calls regarding our account and set up?  I got one while on vacation.  Area code 425..


  • Jodie Thompson

    from my caller ID

    ECommerce Pos.


  • infinitebling


    that is one number!

    The second was 425-977-1926

    Thanks, saves me one item on my To do List!

  • Fred Collins


    They very stronly imply that they are working with Highwire.  When I realized it was a sales scam I terminated the call.  Just my opinion, but you may want to consider a broadcast email to your customers.


  • Daniel Naab

    I had a call a couple of days ago - same scenario.  I asked if they were part of highwire - they did say no.  Carol

  • Jenifer Germer

    I got the call myself.  They said they were from Highwire and needed to speak to me about the setup of my website.

  • littleonlinestore

    We've received many calls from them. I did tell them to take us off of their calling list, and I haven't received a call since.

  • kindredkandles

    Thank you for letting me know. I had several calls today from them I didn't answer but they left a few messages saying it reguarded my highwire account. the numbers were : 425-877-1755 & 425-949-8627

  • chooriwala

    They also called me, and left a message saying they were calling in regards to my highwire store, and needed to discuss my website admin with me. I assumed they were calling from highwire. They were pretty nice to me, but I was not happy that they were not up front about why they were really calling me, and how they misrepresented their company. 

  • noedakis

    One guy called me pressing me for backend information about my site. I dodged his calls and he became even more pushy. I got annoyed and hung up. To my surprise he called back and left a message! In the message he told me that I shouldn't be rude to someone trying to help me!!

  • happyshoppershack

    I got the call also.  When I asked if they were Highwire or a third party she made it sound like Highwire was affiliated with them. Pretty sneaky indeed. I told them that I was not interested and have not heard from them again. We are supposed to be on the no call list.

  • littleonlinestore

    Their number is Call us at: (866) 516-1735 in case anyone would like to call them to give them some harassment. They are charging ridiculous fees for some lame keyword packages. Can't believe anyone falls for their bs.

  • littleonlinestore

    Yeah, I'm starting to think that whole no call list is somewhat of a joke cause everyone I know that says they are on it still gets plenty of telemarketing calls. The system stinks.

  • mexicanvanillas

    Got the call also. Thank goodness for this message board!!

  • mexicanvanillas

    Got the call also. Thank goodness for this message board!!

  • daysgonebuy

    I got the call also.


  • classiccarsplus

    We've received many calls from them. I did tell them to take us off of their calling list, and I haven't received a call since

  • Bruce fisher

    Thanks for the heads up, they had been calling me regularly. 

    They called my non-cell phone and they think I'm going to answer or call them back?  Anybody that needs to get ahold of me knows my real number.

  • ecpdefense

    They contacted and tricked me into listening by stating they "Operate the back-end maintenance area of Highwire.com" and wanted to assist me in changing some "settings".  I finally caught on after listening a while and hung up.

  • Jason McLellan

    Thanks for posting and responding to our concerns about them. 

  • thedogcabana

    I have used ecommerce positioning for one of my other websites. I couldn't afford what they had to offer so they told me to try applying for PayPal. So, being new and excited about the whole thing, I did. They seemed very pushy. It ended up costing me $300 for them to post three tweets for me. Well, I think I could have done that myself?! Definetly a scam!!

  • shopstoreusa

    Tom, I received all call from them too. I would suggest for everyone to go to this site: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt107.shtm

    Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry

    Tell Me More About the National Do Not Call Registry

    1. Why would I register my phone number?

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